How To Spend 24 Hours In Austin

Austin in 24 hours was the mission. As many of you know, we love Austin and make frequent day trips and even overnighters quite often (click here to read 48 hours in the Austin Hill Country). So, what makes this journey or mission different? We are glad you asked! This time around we teamed up with Visit Austin and Hilton Austin to bring you guys the best of Austin in 24 hours. They handpicked top influencers from Houston and Dallas with different interests to come into the city (this sounds like the beginning of an old MTV reality show), and experience 7 unique itineraries. Exciting right! We couldn’t wait to find out what we would be doing for our Austin 24/7 experience.

Just so we are clear Austin loves the kids, but this trip was all about the grown folks. The itineraries were as follows The Entertainer, The Adventurer, The Rockstar, The Globetrotter, The Creative, The Culturist, and The Trendsetter. We got The Culturist, which by their definition seeks art, heritage, and other local experiences wherever they travel!

Once we received our assignment and our cute personalized Austin 24/7 backpacks, it was time to board the Vonlane Coach heading to Austin (click here to read about our first trip on Vonlane) and to get this party started!

An Undeniable Food Lovers Paradise

Calling Austin a culinary destination only partially describes this foodie mecca that has just about everyone traveling near and far if only to grab a taste from the many restaurants, eateries, dives, and food trucks that line the city. A day trip to Austin would be lackluster if we didn’t go on a gastronomic world tour, now wouldn’t it?

As soon as our motorcoach parked in front of the Hilton Austin, we made our way to the Austin Taco Project. And if no one filled you in, a visit to Austin must include tacos! Recently opened in March of this year, the Taco Project is all about tacos and then some. But we’re not talking your average tacos. These babies are globally-inspired with options like their Casa Blanca made with Moroccan spiced lamb, The Wake Up!! with chili and coffee smoked brisket, The Dubai with chicken tikka, and The Oc-thai-pus, with you guessed it, shaved Thai octopus.

If you want to get your hands on some great cheese in Austin, then Antonelli’s Cheese Shop is where it’s at. Our private cheese, wine, and beer tasting class exposed us to some cheese faves and some cheese newbies. Not only does the shop have over the top cuteness, but the cheesemongers know their way around some cheese. Even if you don’t partake in a class, you can drop buy to sample as many cheeses as your little belly desires.

When it was time for dinner, our itineraries led us to Eberly. This place is jaw-dropping gawjus and with its many areas to wine, dine, and chillax, you’ll have just as much fun exploring this South Lamar restaurant as you will eating in it. From the main dining area to the stunning bar (Cedar Tavern), the study room, and the patio, the choice is all yours. The Tuna Tartare, Steak & Frites, and Braised Short Rib were all winners at our table that night.

For The Art Lover In You

When we think of Austin some of our first thoughts are of the live music, murals (street art), and museums. So it was no surprise that many of our events had some type of live music artist featured, which was definitely a bonus treat since it’s truly one of the things that make this city special.

After enjoying fab tacos, drinks, and great music it was off to Blanton Museum of Art at The University of Texas. Besides the fact that it’s one of the largest university museums in the nation, it has some pretty amazing exhibits too! We loved seeing all their modern and contemporary American and Latin American art. However, the highlight was getting to check out Teresa Hubbard / Alexander Birchler: Giant and a live performance by Aruna Kharod in the Epic Tales from Ancient India: Paintings from the San Diego Museum of Art exhibit.

Staying with the arts, Austin has a nice street art scene. The city has cool murals just about every where you look so make sure you stay in selfie mode because you will be snapping for days. And if you want lots of good street art in one place head to Graffiti Park. This three-story artist love nest is the largest of its kind in the nation. It’s essentially a big art project! Artist change it daily, which means there’s new stuff to enjoy every day. If you are feeling so inclined, with permission, of course, grab some paint and get to creating.

Because The Night Never Ends

Even after a full day of exploring and re-discovering Austin, we still had some juice left. Hey, when we say 24-hours, we mean 24-hours! The party does not stop in Austin until they turn the light off, so that left us with no choice but to head on a late night journey. Who needs sleep anyway.

If we didn’t have Austin locals leading the way, we probably wouldn’t have located Garage on our own. Tucked away on the inside of a parking garage, Garage is only detectable by its sizable neon sign. As we jammed to the tunes coming from the old school turntable (the vinyl collection is legit), we sipped on a few Old Fashioned’s before deciding to head to spot number two. We could have stayed here all night, but as they say, the party must go on.

If we thought it couldn’t get any better, then Nightcap was the icing on the cake literally. Sweet tooth kicking in at midnight? Head to Nightcap. Want to have a blast laughing for hours at cocktail names? Head to Nightcap. The late night menu features a housemade pretzel, burger, and even Eggplant Caponata but we came for the desserts! Cornmeal Funnel Cake, Coconut Pudding, or Flourless Chocolate Cake anyone? Can’t decide? Just order them all. And because you must enjoy a cocktail with your dessert, the Banana Cock…Tail or the Straight Up D*ck will work just perfectly. Hey, they said it, we didn’t! 😆

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