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Krakow: The Best Food Is Had on Foot

Krakow has many restaurants, a handful of which (Farina, Wentzl) are very, very good. I’d like to make a case, however, for enjoying Poland’s culinary staples and specialties al fresco standing on two feet. Yes, that’s right: Krakow has one kickin’ street food scene.

Let’s start with the obvious: kielbasa….

Solo Travel: A Table for One?

Many people have never traveled solo and those that have will admit to an ever present anxiety about the idea of it. I can only imagine how many vacations of a lifetime are missed because you couldn’t find a travel companion and how many bucket list experiences that you…

Travel Trends 2015 – Your New Normal

The key themes emerging for 2015 are personalized services and convenience. Here’s the honest truth: Our smartphones are basically becoming family members and our pets are not happy about it, we are not paying $400 on average for a flight anymore, and when we do arrive at our destination,…

Visiting Germany? Enhance Your Experience

As we’ve grown older, we’ve started to appreciate life’s experiences.

In our earlier years, vacations had a very limited focus and we can admit that our focus had little to do with learning more about the destination or the culture. In those days, it was all about the beach, the…