My “bucket list” is a bit different from the norm and from what you would expect from a traditional list. Rather than list the things I want to do, my list focuses on the places I want to go. You know…those cities and islands that you have been dying to get to but for whatever reason (my reasoning is always around time and money and a lack thereof) you haven’t made your way there yet. A few months back I highlighted the Galápagos Islands. This time around, we are focusing on the beautiful, packed full of Old World charm, “love is in the air”, romantic city of Vienna, Austria. Did you know that more famous composers have lived there than in any other city?! I gotta get to Vienna!

Where I Would Stay

I would usually recommend you rent an apartment when traveling to Europe, but I think for my first visit I would want to go 5 star all the way! And why not? It IS one of the most romantic cities in the world and I love to be spoiled. I typically opt for smaller, boutique style hotels so I have my eyes on the 62-room Hotel Sans Souci. It is near the Museums Quartier, or the MQ, they have a spa (huge plus), it is super swanky and sexy, and its luxury all the way. Sounds like I picked the perfect spot.

What Would I Do

Since there is so much to do in Vienna, it is really worthwhile to invest the time to plan your trip. I am a Capricorn, so I will most likely over-plan my stay, but I do recommend listing out a few “musts”. What would a trip to Vienna consist of or include for you? Well for me, and for any travel abroad, the culture, art, and food are the first things that top my list.

First up, the Museums Quartier. Although Vienna boasts an astonishing number of local museums (over 100 to be exact), this cultural district provides the opportunity to kill two birds with one stone. As one of the world’s largest modern art and culture areas, it is home to seven museums, including the Leopold Museum and MUMOK (Museum of Modern Art or MUseum MOderner Kunst). You can even relax and get a bite to eat at one of the many cafes, coffeehouses, or restaurants while you are there.

Another great stop would be the Schönbrunn Palace, Park, and Zoo. I am a die-hard nature geek so this one was a no-brainer. It’s basically a Baroque palace surrounded by a pretty fancy park and home to the world’s oldest operating zoo. I would get a tour of the Mirror Room while I was there which is actually the site of six-year-old Mozart’s first concert for Empress Maria Theresa.

The beauty of Vienna lies in the Baroque architecture which you will see all over Vienna. This style is extravagant to say to least. I would go just to walk around and look at these lavish buildings all day. They are truly a site to see.

If Vienna happens to be on your bucket list as well and you don’t have the pleasure of tagging along with me (“the over planner”), I have a great video for you. I not only found this to be super cool, but it is really useful. The video, created by “My Perfect Day in Vienna” offers the option to travel along with six people as they show you “their” Vienna. The video is interactive, meaning you can follow whomever you like and for as long as you like.

You can get an insight into the casual, hip and trendy Vienna by following Erdem through his Vienna in the summertime. Or, follow Street Art artist Mrs Isa as she provides her secret tips and whisks us away to her trendy, modern Vienna. With Julian, the publisher of an online magazine “for progressive men”, you can experience a relaxing day of art and nature. A sophisticated day can be experienced with Jean-Paul, the owner of the silversmiths, while a classic and varied day in Vienna is on the program with Pilar, a student from Spain. Those who appreciate “slow food” and organic delights can follow the musician Violetta through Vienna. All of them invite us to spend a perfect day in Vienna with them. How cool is that! Check it out!



Video is a marketing campaign in partnership with Red Pineapple Media.

Vienna on Dwellable

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