The Urban Swank girls are headed to London next month and because we must plan how we spend our time (to some extent and to make the most of our visit), we are sharing our list of places that we must visit! This will be a first for the both of us, so we don’t want to miss a beat. And although we will leave plenty of time to relax, we will be out and about as much as our bodies will allow. No trip to London would be complete without adding in a little food, fashion and fun, so our list is all about just that – and you know we are serious about all three of those.

The Food

Cereal Killer Cafe

Although cereal has been far removed from our morning cravings as we have come of age, there is no way we’re going to pass up the opportunity to be taken back to our childhood. And what better way to feel like a kid again than to visit UK’s first specialty cereal café, so awesomely named Cereal Killer Cafe, during our visit to London. This spot is the epitome of all nostalgic destinations and with over 120 different cereals from around the world served with 30 different varieties of milk, I am sure we will feel five years old all over again!

Barrafina Soho’s Frith Street

Any restaurant that has received a Michelin star automatically deserves a spot on the Urban Swank “must try” list! Apparently, they are serving up the best Spanish tapas in town and you know what that means…we will have the enjoyment of tasting a wider variety of their cuisine (major plus). At Barrafina Soho Frith Street, the only caveat is the size of the restaurant. With only 23 stools we will need to time our arrival perfectly to guarantee a spot, but with the buzz of their second installment on Adelaide street that opened last July, hopefully we will get a bit of a break. Either way – the Octopus with Capers and Milk Fed Lamb will be well worth the wait!

The Fashion


Now this may not be on your bucket list (yes, Swanky Girl has it on hers) and you may not be that into fashion, but visiting the world-famous Harrod’s is a place that we feel is a must visit for anyone. Think about it; how often do you see a department store that sits on 5 acres and is over a million square feet, with over 330 departments??? Exactly! Don’t get it confused and think we will miss the plethora of other luxury department stores and trying to sneak into the Design/Fashion House of Manolo Blahnik – but this is the first on the list. Yes we will go shopping, yes we will sit for a spell and have the traditional afternoon tea and scones, and yes we will do it while looking FABULOUS (they even have a dress code)! After all we will be in the exclusive Knightsbridge area with the pretty people, and when in Rome…oh wait we will be in London!

Victoria and Albert Museum

Now there was no way we could plan to visit London and not make a trip to the Victoria and Albert Museum! It is considered one of the world’s greatest museums for Art and Design. The highlight here are their permanent collections and exhibitions that feature design, fashion, and photography.  We are a little sad that the Shoe exhibit will arrive the week after we leave. However, knowing that the Alexander McQueen – Savage Beauty exhibit is currently on display makes us pretty happy. 

The Fun

London Markets

Getting into the energy and the feel of the city is very important for us. So we plan to check out a few of the London markets as we are exploring each day. They have been around since the Middle Ages and are still part of the city’s culture. The markets run the gamut with everything from food to vintage, and from furniture to collectibles. A few we will be on the lookout for are Camden Market, Borough Market, and Portobello Road.

British Museum

There are over eight million objects in the British Museum‘s permanent collection and the ones we are most fascinated about would have to be the mummies. The ancient Egyptian mummies on exhibit date as far back as 2686 B.C. and there are about 100 mummies and many of these are available for viewing as a part of their permanent exhibit. To take our experience to the next level, CT scan technology was introduced just so we can could get that much closer to our history; this is the museum’s revelatory new exhibition “Ancient Lives”.

We are London bound ya’ll!


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The Urban Swank Girls


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