We really didn’t know what we were getting ourselves into after reserving our spot during the Deer Lake Lodge soft opening/friends and family period in mid-January. “How hard can this be?” were words we uttered after receiving our reservation confirmation and detailed guest packet. What we didn’t plan for were the four days of prep and three days of post detox that were required as a part of the program (you do the math). We were clearly in for the ride of our lives…unbeknownst to us! You see, Deer Lake Lodge is an organic wellness resort and spa located right outside of Houston in Montgomery, Texas. This 50-acre resort focuses on a “holistic approach that addresses the mind, body, and spirit.” Self-directed detoxification is at the heart of the programs that Deer Lake Lodge offers. Additional activities such a yoga, classic and alternative spa treatments, and life enhancements classes complete the experience and provide the ability for you to completely personalize your stay. We each approached the preparation for our selected program differently.

We went in with an open mind and set no expectations when we signed up for the getaway. In addition, we had not clearly determined exactly what we were going to bring back from this adventure. Of course losing weight is always at the top of a girls list, but we were certain we would return with more than just a net loss of 10 pounds or so (fingers crossed). Along the way, we got the feeling that this was going to have a lot more impact than we had initially expected. For our visit we got an opportunity to experience the three-night cleansing spa plan. You could also opt for the four or seven night package. The program spanned the course of an extended weekend (we arrived on Thursday) and included a wonderful cabin with queen bedding, colonic treatments, daily yoga sessions, and nutritional classes. We added in a few spa treatments and life enhancement classes for good measure (additional cost). You could take as many treatments and workshops as you would like and the program is really set for you to go at your pace. The only thing we were not looking forward to were the colonics and because this is not the Discovery Channel, we will not bore you with the details.

The facilities at Deer Lake Lodge were clearly extracted from a dream. It is a serene place to say the least and its focus on simplicity makes you appreciate the thought that was put into creating such a place. Deer Lake Lodge offers both suites and cabins and can only accommodate 20 or so people at a time; you will find that you become a pretty tight knit group as the weekend progresses. The simplistic design of the facility continues throughout the living space. The cabins are a little larger than the suites, and unlike its counterpart, the cabin offers a nice patio that sits right on the back side of the room. The detox program itself did prove to be challenging on our first two days. Being limited to fresh organic juices and detox teas, we came to realize how much we really did miss solid foods! We were already contemplating our first meal once our 10 day detox was over. The spa services were phenomenal and even though our visit was weeks ago, we are still reaping the benefits from both a physical and emotional standpoint. Those were some of the best massages we have had in a long time. The daily “Juicing 101” classes, hosted by April AKA “Sweet Mama”, opened our eyes to the world of juicing and the many benefits (and surprisingly the many options) you have when it comes to juicing. We also learned quite a bit about essential oils.

Deer Lake Lodge is on the right path of going from good to a great premium destination health resort and holistic spa. Right now, we would probably give them a 6 out of 10 points. That is only because we don’t feel they are quite on par with their overall price point yet. Several of our concerns were discussed with management during our stay; and we expect that they will be changed or fixed soon (many were also the sentiments of the other guests from that weekend). For example, guests should not be expected to carry their own bags from their cars to their cabins at this price point. Another point of frustration and this was HUGE – you can’t have a Jacuzzi bathtub in the cabins and the hot water runs out before the water covers the first set of jets! These are only a few things that were on our list, but you can get the whole “good to great” statement. To be great and premium, one can’t miss these little details.

That being said we had a great time and it was a wonderful experience. Overall, I think we took away a lot of things that will stick with us for the rest of lives. We walked away being more knowledgeable about ourselves and our bodies and implemented what we learned into our day to day lives. The staff is the top in the city, the facility and grounds are gorgeous, and you can get pampered and healthy all in the same location. What a great way to kick off 2013, and if you know us, we will likely need a re-up in a few months. #justsayin

“When you know better, you do better, and Deer Lake Lodge and Spa’s goal is for each guest to return home not only feeling cleansed and relaxed, but energized and educated about leading a healthier lifestyle.” – Owner, Tracy Boulware

Deer Lake Lodge and Spa
10500 Deer Lake Lodge Road, Montgomery, Texas 77316

Urban Swank did receive a complimentary weekend stay, but the opinions expressed are our own.

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