Experiencing the world through the lens of artists and creatives is a true blessing! As we move this lens and broaden our scope it just enhances the experiences.

Since I’m a person that gets a rush in the presence of art in many different forms and am drawn to creatives like a moth to a flame, going to Leipzig during their annual Designer’s Open was a treat, but finding out that it’s a hub for all forms of art was the icing on the cake.

An assortment of accessories from StayLight

Designers’ Open

In October, Leipzig host two major international design events, GRASSIMESSE and Designer’s Open. We were lucky to be there and experience both; with the bulk of our time being spent at the Designer’s Open! This global festival is one of the top design events in Germany, showcasing more than 200 national and international designers and labels. There is a fashion show that gives a first look at some of the top experimental designs hitting the runways. We thoroughly enjoyed the show with all the drama and theatrics of a big label show! Another highlight was getting the opportunity to shop and talk with all the different designers that were featured and set-up at the event in categories such as DO/Research & Industry, DO/Fashion & Accessories, and DO/Interior & Furniture.

On our first stop, we met the vibrant StayLight designer, Lea. She walked us through her process of creating a line and the inspiration for her current collection, which is complete with clothes and accessories. We loved her pieces and picked up a few pieces to bring back home.
We were also blown away by shoemaker Einzigartige MaBschuhe, showcasing his handcrafted shoes made with fine Italian leathers and a few designers using non-traditional materials and objects to make furniture. The level of talent that was showcased at this event was beyond amazing.

Artwork created using the word “Swanky” and Swanky Girl as inspiration

We also spent time at other Designers’ Open events looking at works by artist on canvas and other materials. I was lucky enough to meet in-person a local artist, Sophie Valentin, that only three days prior I had picked up some of her work from a local shop! She told me to give her a word, and she created something for me on the spot – of course, my word was “SWANKY.”

Museums and Beyond

In addition to spending time at the DO (Designers’Open) and all that it had to offer over several days, we also made time to get to a few of the local galleries and museums. This is a city full of creative people and expression, which is showcased through music, dance, street art, fashion, and photography just to name a few! Such spots like the Spinnerei, the old cotton mill turned modern-day home to more than 100 studios for artist and 14 galleries and exhibitions, are all over the city! Click here to check out our other post that showcases a few more.

Artwork from a Spinnerei Gallery

If you are of the mindset that if there’s lots of art and art galleries, there are probably lots of museums; you would be correct in your logic. This city has many museums that are must-sees! At the top of my list of recommendations is the Museum Of Fine Arts. Throughout the year they bring in many wonderful featured exhibits while being home to a nice selection of permanent ones. After being housed in temporary venues for 61 years, Leipzig’s new Museum of Fine Arts was finally opened in 2004. This ‘art cube’ is the first sizeable new museum to have been built in eastern Germany since 1945. The museum contains about 80,000 square feet of exhibition space.

Lastly, I want to call out that Leipzig plays home to one of the largest and oldest Christmas Markets in Germany, dating back to 1458! It runs from the end of November until right before Christmas. One can expect to encounter more than 250 booths featuring everything from culinary delights to crafts. There are also a wide variety of performances, a wonderland for the kids and many more activities and things to enjoy.

To find out more about the museums, galleries, and art events in Leipzig, please visit Leipzip Travel!

Urban Swank did receive a sponsored trip to Leipzig. However, any opinions expressed are our own.

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