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Vegan Victorious at Radical Eats

Readers of my food writing can ascertain pretty quickly I am not a vegetarian.  Despite what Jonathan Safran Foer would advise, I do eat animals as well as products made from animals. Explaining why I believe it is my right to eat animals as well as why I often…

First Look: The Dosa Factory Houston

Dosa, also spelled “dosai”, is a dish that is fairly popular in the Southern regions of India. I had to find out the hard way that all Indian cuisine is not created equal. Having friends from India who have walked me through this very fact, I understand (and appreciate)…

Food Truck Fridays: Monster PBJ Truck Houston

Name of Truck: Monster PBJ Truck

Owner: Jill Butler & Will Lidwell

Type Of Cuisine: Customized PB & J Sandwiches (DUH)!

Places You May Spot the Truck: The Menil Collection, Rice University, and the Contemporary Arts Museum. Visit their site as they change and add locations regularly.

Notable Eats: Myself and my eating partner for the day opted to do…

First Look: Green Seed Vegan Houston

I will be the first to admit….

I am not the first person to recommend a vegan restaurant and it hasn’t been my first choice when choosing where I personally want to dine…well, that is, until now. We were invited to visit Green Seed Vegan, a plant based eatery located…