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Upper Kirby

4 Hot Neighborhoods in Houston

The demand for Houston housing is growing. According to a February 2016 release from the Houston Association of Realtors, housing inventory is at 3.3 months, compared with the national supply of 3.9 months.

The primary reason behind Houston’s housing demand is the strong economy. While the drop in oil prices…

First Look: Paul’s Kitchen Houston

“Ridiculously fresh” are the first words I would use to describe the menu offerings at Paul’s Kitchen. With all the work that goes into each dish that leaves executive chef Paul K. Lewis’s kitchen you will be both wowed and in admiration of his dedication to the craft. And…

First Look: Ruggles Black Houston

Where Did We Go?
Ruggles Black
3939 Kirby Dr Houston TX 77098
What’s the Skinny?
What do we get when two larger than life personalities join forces to bring the city a new eclectic bar and restaurant with a focus on Indian and Asian flavors with a French American twist? Bold, sexy, and…

The Queen Vic – Pub & Kitchen

First, I must make one major disclosure. I am a Victorianist. I received my Ph.D. in Victorian literature and have spent the better half of my life studying the books, material culture, historical events, and scientific discoveries associated with the Victorian era, roughly defined by the reign of Queen…

First Look: Local Foods Upper Kirby

Where Did We Go?
Local Foods
2555 Kirby Drive, Houston, Texas 77019
What’s the Skinny?
Local Foods is now giving you two ways to get your fill. The new location on Kirby and Westheimer became the second edition of the popular restaurant that is just about as “local” as one could get. From the…