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The Chocolate Bar Makes Houston Life So Sweet

As a kid, I longed to visit the chocolate factory described in the eponymous Roald Dahl novel but more than a little freaked out by its proprietor. Thanks to The Chocolate Bar, however, I can indulge my literary gustatory fantasies without having to deal with Willy Wonka. This haven…

Triniti Restaurant to Begin Weekly Pop Up Bakery

Triniti’s long-awaited concept restaurant and bakery, FM 903, which is slated for a Fall 2014 opening (in the old Ruggles land at 903 Westheimer) is offering a sweet, sneak peek at the menu that Pastry Chef Samantha Mendoza will feature in the bakery.

Beginning November 2, 2013 and continuing every…

Petite Sweets Houston – Well, How Was It?

In our new series, it’s all about the food. We will visit a spot and give you a thumbs up or thumbs down to answer the question, “Well, How Was It?”
Location: 2700 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098
Type of Cuisine: Desserts
Initial Thoughts: How freakin’ cute is this place!, This custard…