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First Naturally Infused Premium Blanco Tequila Launches in Texas

Tanteo® Spirits Company establishes an entirely new tequila category with Tanteo® Jalapeño Tequila, an ultra-premium 100% Blue Weber Agave blanco tequila hand-infused with the flavors of Mexico, using fresh, all-natural locally grown jalapeños (never any additives or artificial flavorings).  Conceived by Jonathan Rojewski, CEO and co-founder of Tanteo Spirits, the Tanteo Tequila…

Spicy Spirits

Many Houston restaurants and bars have started serving up spicy spirits. Since the 1930’s people have had an affinity for a good spicy Bloody Mary; now is the time for the other spicy cocktails to shine. The new El Gran Malo Bar offers a plethora of tequila infusions and…