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Latin Bites – the Algarrobina

Latin Bites, famous for their Pisco Sours and authentic Latin cocktails, are introducing more unique drinks inspired from various South American countries. New cocktails that are a must try are: the Sangre de Toro, a tasteful margarita made with mixed berries and Don Julio Reposado and the Algarrobina, a dessert cocktail…

Latin Bites – Green Emerald (Low Calorie Cocktail)

Ricardo Santana from Latin Bites recommends their “Green Emerald” cocktail.  Enjoy a delicate mint and cucumber martini with a 60-calorie agave nectar, sweet & sour, and Pisco Porton:

6 medium-sized mint leaves

2 oz cucumber house mix

1 oz Pisco Porton

2 oz Nectar Girl (low calorie sweet and sour mix with Agave Nectar, lime, lemon…