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Hotel ICON – The Genteel (Low Calorie Cocktail)

Bartender Houston Farris of Line & Lariat offers “The Genteel” cocktail for something low-cal, yet delicious:

1.5 oz Citadelle gin

1.5 oz unsweetened green tea (cool)

2 dashes grapefruit bitters

Sparkling mineral water

Grapefruit twist, garnish


In a tall Collins-type glass, add gin, green tea and bitters.  Fill with ice.  Top with sparkling mineral water.  Add…

First Look: The Hotel Icon Redesign

How do you spell relief? Depending on the day, month, temperature, and just our overall ATTA-TUDE it can be spelled many different ways. Last month, however, it was spelled H-O-T-E-L I-C-O-N; by way of their media reveal, which we quickly renamed “Fun Time In The City”. Yes folks, your girls…