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My Loves: That Hat & Scarf Tho.

Can I tell you guys how excited I’ve been that we’ve had weeks and weeks of cold weather here in Houston! I mean yes it sucked that we barely saw the sun for that same time period. However, I choose to take those lemons and make lemonade! This girl…

Shop Talk – Carrie Ann Boutique

Since we love shopping for everything from apparel and beauty products to culinary products – we thought adding a Shop Talk section would be fun. In this section we will bring you new stores from all over the world (online and brick & mortar), interviews with shop owners, unique boutiques, and…

Recap: Austin Fashion Week 2014

It was a no brainer that Urban Swank would be in the House for Austin Fashion Week this year, since it is now fully featured on the site. The hard part was choosing which events we wanted to attend?!?! In the end we picked the final two runway events.