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First Brunch at Urban Eats

A word of warning about brunching at Urban Eats: don’t go with anyone who believes mac ‘n cheese doesn’t belong at brunch.

The fact that you can order their much-touted three pig truffled mac ‘n cheese (not to mention their bacon and onion-braised brussels sprouts) as a side dish at…

First Look: Dish Society Houston

I feel so bad that I haven’t shared my thoughts on Dish Society with you guys before now. However, I wanted to make sure that my tastebuds had not deceived me and the Shrimp & Grits were really that good! But before I get to the really good part…

Tout Suite Is a Tour de Force

The owners of Sweet Bakery have created another delicious venture in the form of Tout Suite, a truly lovely café and eatery located in up-and-coming EaDo. A black-and-white industrial façade belies a warm, capacious interior space whose dark metal fixtures and bright lightning highlight the bold colors of fare…