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How To Spend 24 Hours In Austin

Austin in 24 hours was the mission. As many of you know, we love Austin and make frequent day trips and even overnighters quite often (click here to read 48 hours in the Austin Hill Country). So, what makes this journey or mission different? We are glad you asked! This time around we teamed up with Visit Austin and Hilton Austin to bring you guys the best of Austin in 24 hours. They handpicked top influencers from Houston and Dallas with different interests to come into the city (this sounds like the beginning of an old...

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48 Hours In the Austin Hill Country

To say I love Austin would be an understatement. The reality is I’m in LOVE with it and have been since I was a little kid. We use to get up on the weekends and drive to Austin to go shoe shopping or to have lunch. A tradition that I proudly continue today. So when presented with the opportunity to spend 48 hours in the Hill Country area, a part of Austin I don’t frequent as much as I’d like, I jumped at the chance! The hill country area is made up of rolling and...

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