Recently, we spent an evening taking out bad guys and working on our shooting skills at Boyert Shooting Center. We think it would be a stretch if we asked folks to start calling us the modern day Annie Oakley and Calamity Jane, but we are pretty darn close (wink)! We kid, but our experience at Boyert left us feeling pretty excited about what they are doing and offering consumers. Who knew that a shooting range could be so SWANKY?!?!

The Shop

Upon entering the building you look right into the neat and well-organized shop. It’s not like any shooting center we’ve ever seen. Close your eyes real quick and imagine a traditional gun range/shooting center. Now as quickly as you conjured up that image, shake it off and do a mental reset. Their mission with the shop was to raise the bar and take the quality of service to the next level for their guests. They offer the best of the best and even some very hard to get items. They even allow you the opportunity to handle, and in many instances, try the firearms (guns and rifles) before you buy it. Gotta love that!

The Simulator

For those that are not quite ready to take on the real gun range, the simulator rooms will provide just as much thrill minus the ammunition. There are several rooms available, each providing two larger than life projection screens so you can do a little one on one or jump into competition mode and see who is the novice and who is the pro. In addition to your traditional target practice shooting glass bottles, you can teach the bad guys a lesson and help clean up the streets of Houston in “Chaos City” or even battle a bunch of zombies – there are 350 HD scenarios so there is no getting bored. And unlike the live-fire gun range, the simulator areas are BYOB so you make a night of it! The simulator is a great option to increase your gun handling ability, gain more confidence in using a gun, or to just do something different and unique for your next date night or night out with the girls.

The Range

If you didn’t know that safety was Boyert’s number one priority, you would figure it out as soon as you prepped to enter the gun range. The eye and ear guards along with signs like “ACT RESPONSIBILITY AT ALL TIMES” are real and honest. The indoor range has 10 lanes and on the way to the main area you may want to take a pit stop at the two live ammunition simulator rooms (yes, they have those too). The lanes at Boyert are automated and you can choose the distance of the target and much more. And when it comes to the guns for rental, you can opt for a handgun, step it up and go semi-automatic, or be Vin Diesel and roll with the big dogs with a SBR or suppressor (an escort is required for these). You can, of course, bring your own firearm as well. We love the package options which allow you to try 3 different variations at a time.

Boyert is holding their one year anniversary celebration on June 20-21st. This would be a great opportunity to check them out and learn more about their membership and their classes, and have a little fun while learning more about guns and gun safety.

The Urban Swank Girls


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