What is Topgolf?

If you live in Dallas, Houston, or Austin you have probably seen or heard of Topgolf. For those outside of Texas and for the ones that aren’t quite sure – here you go…It’s not just a place for people that are great at golf to hang out! However if they want to, Topgolf is more than able to serve up some great rounds of golf and a good time. The same can be said for those that don’t know a driver from a putter. Ask the folks at Topgolf to describe themselves and they’ll say, “Topgolf is the premier golf entertainment complex where the competition of sport meets your favorite local hangout. You can challenge your friends and family to addictive point-scoring golf games that anyone from the hopeful pro golfer to your neighbor’s 7-year-old kid can play year-round.” Okay, what they said.

The First Timers Club

The game of golf can be a little intimidating for some and that goes without question. However, so are most things you have yet to try that may require a bit more direction or instruction. And that’s exactly why TopGolf has introduced their First Timers Club. You can compare it to taking the training wheels off your first bike – they’ll give you a little push to get you going and then without even thinking about it, you are on your way. Those new to TopGolf will have a unique opportunity to save a little dough on your first visit. Instead of digging in your purse or wallet to cough up that $5 Lifetime Membership, TopGolf will waive this fee for new members. It’s pretty simple to sign up too. Just visit the First Timers Club, provide your email address, choose your closest location, and watch for your email. This is your chance to get over your fear of being a “first time” golfer and it is an even better to chance to check out the many reasons TopGolf is so much more than just a driving range – and far from a country club!

Our Topgolf Experience

Urban Girl

My visits to TopGolf are always exhilarating and remind me of the time when Friday nights at Dave and Busters were the highlight of my week! Hanging out with friends, enjoying your favorite food, sipping on a few cocktails, and even playing a few video games or a couple rounds of pool. But there is something about TopGolf that makes it a better alternative and a better time. I point the finger to the vibe – you know, the way a place makes you feel. The energy is contagious, the chef driven cuisine is crazy good, and the view from your bay is quite addictive (OMG the view!). During our ladies night at Topgolf, the fun times did tend to steal me away from the game itself and I almost forgot that I came to knock a few balls in the wind. Basically, TopGolf is a blend of golf lovers, pros, amateurs, and enthusiasts who all gather to enjoy TopGolf for the same reason I do. It is a destination where a little friendly competition is your purpose, but fun is always your goal.

Swanky Girl

Even though I’ve visited Topgolf in the past for a few different company events. I was a true first timer when it came to visiting and enjoying it as a regular consumer. Well, as regular as one of the best ladies night a girl has had in a very long time! We played golf, we laughed, we drank, we enjoyed catching up with our girls, we ate delicious fare from a chef driven menu that could hold its own in this food loving city, and then played more golf! Hit repeat on that sequence a couple times and that gives you a snapshot of how the night played out. Put a big bow and a gob of awesome sauce on it and that would sum up our evening. I’d be careless if I did not also mention that our Topgolf staff for the evening provided stellar customer service! They even smiled and joined in a victory dance with us after a good drive (or would it be after a good shot)!

This article was written in partnership and with compensation from Topgolf, however, the opinions expressed are our own.

The Urban Swank Girls


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