Never again will you have to utter the words, “there is nothing going on in Houston”! Each week, we will bring you five swanky (and hand-picked) events that are sure to keep your social life in check. From art shows to culinary festivals, speakeasies, concerts, live performances, and pop-up shops, there is always something to do and to get into in H-town! Check out the fun things to do in Houston this week:

Houston Culinary Stars (Thursday, October 26th)

Houston Culinary Stars, hosted by the Houston Chronicle, is a perfect pairing with the unveiling of Alison Cook’s Top 100 Houston restaurants. The evening will feature thirty of Houston’s top restaurants where guests can sample outstanding food and enjoy wine tastings throughout the night. Tickets are $100 and a VIP option is available.

Viva Peru Cooking Class (Thursday, October 26th)

Cooking classes are always fun when looking for something new to do or to even to brush up on your skills in the kitchen. This week, Etta’s Kitchen is featuring Viva Peru! They are bringing the wonders of the Andes to you directly, by way of Chef Instructor, Toya Terry. This class will introduce authentic Peruvian flavors and reveal the delicate balance of flavors—salty, spicy, sour, and sweet that Lima-style cuisine does so well.

Biggest Bounce House in the World (Friday-Saturday, October 27th-28th)

This is one of those once in a lifetime experiences that the entire family will enjoy from the kiddos to the adults! Boasting over 10,000 square feet, the “Biggest Bounce House In the World” is headed to Houston. Have a blast at this magical, candy-colored inflatable castle where games and laughter can be enjoyed by everyone. There will be sessions for juniors, bigger kids, and adults. Tickets start at $5.

Something Wicked Festival (Saturday-Sunday, October 28th-29th)

Time to take a walk on the dark side and like it! The Something Wicked Festival offers two days of twisted and sinister fun. This festival will feature more than 45 of today’s most wicked and eclectic musicians/bands on three stages. There will be music, dancing, shopping, and several other fantastic festival features.

Monster Margarita Festival (Saturday-Sunday, October 28th-29th)

Here’s a twist on a Halloween party…how about adding a “Monstrous” amount of margaritas, tequilas, wines, and beers? Then feature more than 20 restaurants and food trucks! And let’s not forget to add into the mix the close to 100 little shops, live music, and much more. Now that we’ve got your attention you can find all of this at the Monstrous Margarita Festival. Along with a costume contest and the haunted woods.

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