Houston may not be known as the most classically beautiful city, but what we lack in architectural aesthetics we definitely make up for in street art. A quick drive around downtown and the Heights offers more than enough places to hop out for a few photos with artful backdrops.

Arty Heights

So long as you don’t drop by the Love Wall at St. Mark’s church during service times on a Sunday morning, you’re just about guaranteed a car-free backdrop, complete with a lawn in front and an enormous tree for shade. Perfect for photos with couples or kiddos! (600 Pecore Street, Houston, TX, 77009)

Who doesn’t love a sunshiny pic in front of the Greetings from Houston sign on White Oak at Harvard? Bonus points for this one’s perfect location on the side of Gelazzi gelato shop! (3601 White Oak Drive, Houston, TX, 77007)

For a limited time, the former USPS office on the corner of Heights Boulevard and 11th Street is cheery on both sides. On the Yale side, a yellow, red and orange LOVE sign. On the Heights Boulevard side, flowers and butterflies. A two for one! The building is being developed into a restaurant and shops in 2017. (Heights Boulevard at 11th Street)

If slightly scary bicycling skeletons are your backdrop of choice, Blue Line Bicycle Laboratory just repainted their “Before I Die” wall with a whole lot of giant bicycling skeletons. (3302 White Oak Drive, Houston, TX, 77007)


Canal Street has a brand new colorful wall, thanks to blogger Ashley Rose at Sugar & Cloth. With eight perfectly curated colors in stripes that run down into the sidewalk, you won’t even have to battle all the other Instagrammers out there posing! (3302 Canal Street, Houston, TX 77003)

Some walls can be tricky with cars parked outside, but when you can catch the Houston is Inspired wall without too many cars beneath it’s a great cheerful wall for a quick snap. (opposite Market Square Park).

The Biscuit paint wall on the side of Biscuit Home on Westheimer is another spot that’s best photographed outside of business hours to avoid cars. Now that the sun is setting later you’re bound to get a great golden hour snap around 7pm! (1435 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX, 77006)

Happy snapping!

Emily Westbrooks


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