Whiskey is undeniably on my list of favorite things. Give me a moment for my younger self to wipe the look of sheer disbelief off of her face. Like it takes grain mash to slowly mature into the beauty of it’s full potential, it took me a while to truly appreciate whiskey for what it was. Granted, I still have a lot to learn, and that’s where Yellow Rose Distilling comes in. They are there for aficionados and newbies alike, to hold our hands and make sure our whiskey quest is as smooth as the whiskey that they distill.

Yellow Rose, Houston’s very first legal whiskey distillery, has the facade of an office building on the outside, but inside, you’re always greeted with a friendly face, and even better, a bar. Their bar features a variety of creative cocktails showcasing their award winning whiskeys. One is inspired by good ol’ apple pie; it combines their Yellow Rose Blended Whiskey, apple cinnamon simple syrup, and a splash of lemon juice. It tastes like freedom, which is fitting because that just happens to be it’s name. My personal favorite, however, is their amazing Straight Rye Whiskey over ice. With cocktails at only $6, you can try a little bit of everything while waiting for your tour. They have various tours every Friday from 4pm-9pm, and every Saturday from 11am-5pm and are always equipped with local food trucks to compliment your inevitable buzz.

Recently, Yellow Rose hosted the “Spiked by the Scoop” event which pitted local culinary greats against each other in a battle for the title of best spiked dessert. They transformed their distillery into a tasting room riddled with an array of alcohol infused sweets. It was heaven, unfortunately a sweltering version of heaven void of a/c, but heaven nonetheless. Fat Cat Creamery brought us their version of whiskey by the campfire with a Texas pecan bar topped with a brown butter, bourbon ice cream featuring Yellow Rose’s very own Outlaw Bourbon. Newcomer, B&B Butchers, served up the epitome of decadence with their spiked Chocolate Covered Bacon Lardon Ice Cream which I pleaded with Chef Brandon Walker to add to their menu. However, Chef Omar Pereney and the rest of the Peska Seafood team emerged victorious with the title. Their creative concoction consisted of a refreshing mango mezcal shake with cardamom yogurt ice cream, complete with a honey soaked gulab jamun. It was out of this world, to say the least!- and the perfect companion to beat the heat.

If you missed this event, don’t fret. Yellow Rose’s calendar is jam packed with events. From tastings, competitions, dinners, and tours, they have it all! So, I am begging you, you must check them out. They are undoubtedly a local Houston gem. Happy drinking!

Isabel Protomartir


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