What started as a portion of the Lumberjacking games, has now become the new thing to get into! Ranges are opening up all over the world and we are lucky to have our very own indoor range at Houston Axe Throwing, the very first axe throwing range and axe throwing club in Texas.

We wanted to give you all the details to make sure you’re fully prepped for your day at the range! Here are a few things you need to know before you head to Houston Axe Throwing:

1. Remember the Safety Rules!

No matter what sport you are conquering, safety is always first! And getting the run down by an Axepert is the first part of your 1.5-2.5 hour session. They have never had anyone get hurt and we definitely want to keep it that way. From where to stand in the cage and when to go and grab your axes from the bullseye, understanding the rules are crucial to ensuring the games stay fun especially when they allow alcohol to be consumed.

2. Get Your Technique Down First

Before you jump into the cage to release your inner Viking, you gotta get your technique down. Your stance is just as important as deciding whether to use one hand or two hands to throw your axe. In addition to settling in the right position, one must balance the power needed to throw the axe effectively while at the same time using precision in your aim to hit the bullseye with accuracy.

Our game face

We have our game faces on!

3. Become One With the Axe

When you start the session you’ll begin with the smallest of the available axes. Yes, we were nervous but once you get the initial throw out of your system, you start to become one with the axe. That sounds a little cray cray but it’s true. Your stance becomes second nature and you ultimately focus on nailing that bullseye! Take a deep breathe, focus on your technique, and put those fears aside because you got this!

4. Challenge Yourself, Go For the Big Dawg

After spending some time getting comfortable with the different style axes and the different techniques – one or two handed, we knew we were ready to take things to the next level. At Houston Axe Throwing that would be The Vulcan. It has a 25-inch handle with a 2.5 pound head – man is it large. It requires more power and a much different throwing technique (hand placement and where and how you stand). We highly recommend getting a few throws under your belt before advancing to this one.


5. A Little Competition Is Good For the Soul

We love each other dearly, but know we do enjoy a little friendly competition! Well maybe Swanky Girl is a smidge overly competitive and Urban Girl just goes with it to appease her (hey that’s what friends do for one another)…we digress. This is a good way to engage with friends or a date night. If you want to take the competition up a notch, there is a weekly league.

6. Ensuring That You Are Legit AF

This one is simple! Make sure you are ready to have fun and you roll-up with a fun group. Last but certainly not least in your taking your badassery to legit levels…make sure you WEAR PINK 💕.

Sessions are 1.5-2.5 hours long and include 30 minutes of instruction and practice. the 1.5 sessions include an hour of axe throwing themed games to help improve skill where the 2.5 hour sessions include 1 hour of games and a double elimination tournament to crown the Lumber Lord/Lady. The cost is $25 and $35, respectively per person. Houston Axe Throwing is open Wednesday through Friday and all day on Saturday and Sunday.

The Urban Swank Girls


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