Even for non-football fans it’s hard to miss the signs that Houston is destination number one for the Super Bowl. We can be sure that thousands of people will be coming to town for the weekend for the big day, but local Houstonians can join in even if they don’t care at all about the game (especially with no Texas teams playing). Although the majority of people will be at a Super Bowl party or glued to the TV, Super Bowl Sunday is a great day to start a new tradition.

For those who don’t like sports and have no interest, I’ve rounded up a few alternatives to make the most of the weekend:

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  • Super Bowl events – from Bruno Mars to your favorite bar, almost all locations in the Houston area will have a watch and after party, extravaganza, food specials, you name it. Even if you don’t care about the game, that doesn’t mean you have to stay inside the entire time! Club Nomadic is a pop-up entertainment venue being built just for the Super Bowl weekend, find details of events here for February 2 – 4th.
  • Before and after halftime, why not do some shopping! LAUNCH, a pop-up boutique sponsored by Houston First for Houston fashion and design in the Houston area is open Monday – Sunday through February 26th. Then, you could jet to the nearest sports bar to catch Lady Gaga in the halftime performance.

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  • Make the game a GAME. Even the guest who only watches one football game a year can get involved if you make watching the sport a game itself. Place bets on what the final score will be or who will score a touchdown in a particular quarter, try making Super Bowl BINGO cards and get some prizes for the winner, make a competition of the commercials (rating them for creativity, humor, which is most enjoyable), or pick a word for everyone to take a drink when the announcer uses it during the game.
  • Volunteering at your local charity is always a great option. This is a great way to ensure that you get the year started off with service if you haven’t done some volunteering already.

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