There are always awesome things happening in Houston, and a few weeks back something happened that took our fitness game to the next level (okay our fitness gear, but we need you all to stay focused), ensured that we would be able to go glamping in style, had us thinking about taking up golf, and had us running through a store as if we were Beyonce herself screaming, “SURFBOARD” – after laying eyes on some pretty nice looking boards…well, what we thought were surfboards until a salesperson pointed out they were kayaks (so much for our Beyonce moment)! If you haven’t guessed it already, we are speaking of the opening of Dick’s Sporting Goods in our city.

Why we are so excited about Dick’s Sporting Goods:

Urban Girl

This past year, I will admit that my workout routine took a back seat (I had a little thing called a “pregnancy” going on). But now that I am actively running behind a 10-month old, momma is in desperate need of some new workout gear. Insert Dick’s Sporting Goods, the mother of all things sports. No matter what you’re into (and for me, no matter what new fitness craze or widget I want to try), I feel that Dick’s has my back – from fitness electronics to cardio equipment, yoga mats, and literally every and anything you would need to build your own personal gym. And after you’ve spent hours selecting the perfect fitness gear (because you must look as good as you feel), you must browse the store if only to find a little inspiration for your next hobby. Maybe I’ll take up bowling to give Ms. Swanky Girl a run for her money.

Swanky Girl

When I heard Houston was FINALLY getting Dick’s Sporting Goods stores, I was so pumped! For years, every time I’d visit Dallas for work, I’d shop at the one in Arlington, Texas. There are several things that I enjoy about Dick’s stores. First off is how neat, clean, and well organized they keep the stores, and the new stores here in Houston follow that same rule of thumb.

Just take a look at this picture! It’s as if each brand has its own little shop within the store, and this goes for the brands that don’t have as large of an assortment on the floor as a few others. I’ve found it very easy to find what I was looking for, and many times found things that I didn’t even know I needed if you know what I mean! And speaking of assortment- the brands they choose to carry are well represented! I feel that I’m getting good basics and new releases from the brands. Another thing that makes me love them is the fact they believe in sports and how they can enhance a child’s life! They give millions of dollars to save sports programs and to give children the opportunity to play sports through their Sports Matter program.

The Urban Swank Girls


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