It tickled my inner geek pink to see the likes of Doctor Who, Star- Lord, and Darth Vader casually frolicking through Downtown Houston during Memorial Day weekend. Everywhere you turned, there was someone just as excited as I was to be attending Comicpalooza. Massive crowds flocked to the George R. Brown convention center for an extended weekend of art, panels, and of course, lots and lots of cosplay. There was something for everyone! Ranging from comic books, gaming, and the wizarding world, every fandom was covered.

Once inside the convention center, the entire first floor greeted you with artists from all over showcasing their amazing talents. Ender Toys was a hit with the younger crowd, they specialized in creating Minecraft versions of everyone’s favorite characters; like Thor, Batman, and even Elsa! Sarita Akerman, had amazing pop art inspired paintings of characters from all of the biggest superhero hits. She even graced the crowds with live demonstrations of her work. Another standout was Dayton, TX based, Gator’s Gifts. Their intricate woodwork was so amazing and detailed that even Jango Fett had to stop and admire. Also on the first floor were demonstrations of virtual reality video games, sword fighting classes, and a beautiful walkthrough of set pieces from the biggest video game hits. PCND/fx brought to life iconic characters and pieces from video games like Bioshock and Borderlands. They even had remarkable pieces commissioned from the creators of Halo on display!

Walking through Comicpalooza was like seeing your favorite games and movies come to life. It was hard to not get star struck when someone dressed as your favorite character casually walked by. There was cosplaying going on left and right! The dedication to detail and committing to their characters completely was definitely appreciated it! There was no shortage of Star Wars get ups, homemade Assassin’s Creed gear, and homages to the ever popular Avengers. A standout for me was from the group Elder Cosplay, a mother daughter duo that hand makes their amazing costumes! They killed it with their Lady Captain America, Lady Thor, and Lady Loki cosplays. I was definitely “fangirling” to say the least.

But wait, there was more! They had celebrity meet and greets, and panels going on throughout the weekend as well. Stan Lee, comic book royalty, was Comicpalooza’s most buzzed about guest. Cobie Smulders and Jeremy Renner, of Avengers fame, headlined this year’s convention. It was his first comic-con appearance ever, and I’m sure Houston fans impressed. I attended Rosario Dawson’s panel. She was down to earth, and frankly, hilarious. She took questions from fans in the audience, and told stories about her daunting audition for Rent, her passion for helping women in the Congo, and in a hushed whisper, filled us in on the guarded secret of her returning for season two of Netflix’s outstanding Daredevil series!

Comicpalooza was everything and more. The panels ranged from Steampunk 101, Star Wars: Past, Future, and Present, Voice Acting classes, you name it. Four days is simply not enough! My biggest regret from that weekend? Missing the Quidditch match. You better believe it’s on the agenda for next year.

Isabel Protomartir


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