Favor Launches Beer & Wine Delivery In Texas

Yes, it’s true…the official end of summer is coming to an end. But, that only means one thing! Football season!

Okay, we’ll be completely honest with you. While the game of football is not our number one draw for this time of year, hanging out with family and friends, munching on game day grub, and throwing back our drink of choice most certainly is. Cheers! And that’s why we’re super excited about Favor’s new offering.

But before we share all the deets, let’s back up and give you a little 411 on Favor. Favor is an on-demand delivery company whose goal is to deliver anything to you in under an hour. And when we say anything, we really mean it. Craving an order of tacos or something to satisfy that sweet tooth? They have you covered. Need someone to run to Target and grab a few items for tonight’s dinner? Not a problem.

Rated the #1 delivery service in Texas, their personal delivery assistant’s make it pretty easy to take care of those errands when you just don’t have the time to do yourself.

So when we got wind they were offering FREE delivery of beer and wine in under an hour for the rest of 2018, we had to share the news!

Think about how easy it would be plan your fall gatherings and festivities with friends and family. It’s just one less thing you have to worry about. You can choose from the best selection in Texas at the exact same everyday low prices found at your local H-E-B store. From your favorite 6-pack of beer to the perfect cabernet blend, all it takes is a visit to FavorDelivery.com or their app to get your request going — with no minimum order required.

We don’t know about you guys, but that’s sounds like a win-win! Learn more about Favor and how you can schedule your next delivery like right now! And don’t forget to send that game day invite. We’ll bring the chips & queso, and you can order the beer. 😊

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