If you have a commute that takes you downtown around Main Street Square, you’ve probably already seen the city’s latest beautification efforts. The large scale art installations, called Art Blocks, was launched last month by the Downtown District and curated by the Downtown District Public Art Committee and the Weingarten Art Group.

Four international and local artists have taken their talents to our streets, splashing colour and culture onto buildings on Main and Dallas. Artist Jessica Stockholder, collective YesYesNo, as well as Houston’s Patrick Renner and the Flying Carpet collective each feature large scale works on the walls surrounding the park.

Patrick Renner invited the public for a day of painting wooden slats, which he later used to construct a sixty-foot canopy called Trumpet Flower that’s perfect to sit under and enjoy a cup of coffee – well, at least when the construction is finished below. Looks like another week or two before coffee can resume underneath.

Jessica Stockholder’s work covers the intersection at McKinney and Main streets, taking over buildings, sidewalks and even light posts with pink, green and purple paint and vinyl in a work entitled Color Jam. We imagine there are at least a few Instagram photos in front of the bright pink wall and sidewalk!

Houston-based artist Jamal Cyrus has designed a set of playbills advertising a show by Houston blues legend Lightnin’ Hopkins at the former Liberty Hall venue. The giant playbills are the first artwork to grace the new Main Street Marquee, on the side of Just a 1.19 Food Store at the corner of Main and Walker.

If you haven’t managed to see them in person yet, don’t worry. They’ll grace the buildings for the next year, giving you lots of opportunities for a few photo ops in front of them!

Emily Westbrooks


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