The demand for Houston housing is growing. According to a February 2016 release from the Houston Association of Realtors, housing inventory is at 3.3 months, compared with the national supply of 3.9 months.

The primary reason behind Houston’s housing demand is the strong economy. While the drop in oil prices has many in a panic, Houston’s economy isn’t struggling as much as the media might have one believe. Houston is home to more industries than just oil that also have an influence on the economy.

Houston’s infrastructure is improving and this is another reason why housing in Houston is in high demand. Houston is becoming increasingly more pedestrian- and bike-friendly as the city rises to meet the needs of its residents. If you’re looking to move and like the feel of a more urban city, Houston is a great choice and is far more affordable than other major urban U.S. cities.

Finally, Houston offers several neighborhoods that each have their own distinct look and feel, which provides residents with the opportunity to live in an area of the city that suits their desires and personality.

Here are four of the hot neighborhoods in Houston’s housing market:


According to, the neighborhood is “comprised of two organizations that are committed to making Midtown a model of urban living in the center of Houston.”

This neighborhood has seen steady growth since the early 2000s and is the most in-demand neighborhood in Houston. It has a great combination of nightlife, trendy restaurants and retail shopping that make it attractive to people who love an urban atmosphere.

The Museum District

The Museum District offers a lifestyle that many people say has no equivalent. In fact, there is no other area within Houston’s Inner Loop where you can find upscale homes, one of the largest cultural districts in the U.S., a gigantic park with an urban lake and golf course, a light rail, and great entertainment and dining – all of which are features than can be found in the Museum District.

The Museum District is so named because of the areas 20+ museums and galleries, many of which offer free admission on select days and times.

Upper Kirby

Houston city officials recognize Upper Kirby is quickly garnering more demand, thus changes are being made to make this area more pedestrian-friendly and walkable. The residents of Upper Kirby love being just minutes away from dining and shopping. It’s a great neighborhood with a small-town feel that is safe, well-maintained and located between a few of the most affluent neighborhoods in Houston.

The Heights

The Heights is actually a general name that unofficially includes several neighborhoods, like Houston Heights, Woodland Heights, Norhill Heights, Sunset Heights and surrounding areas. Due to the historical nature of this area, there are many original Victorian homes and classically-styled Craftsman bungalows. The addition of new construction in the area brings a modern feel.

The popularity of the Heights has brought many restaurants, bars, cafes, stores and galleries to the area, which also has a great nightlife. This makes it the perfect area for Houston’s young professionals. A 2010 article in National Geographic Traveler said “the neighborhood maintains a quirky sense of individuality,” which seems to perfectly sum up the area.

Houston is a city with a neighborhood for everyone. Whether you want to be near the entertainment, visit historic sites or attend an exhibit at a museum, you have your choice of neighborhoods in Houston.


This article has been created in collaboration with and with financial support from Surge Homes.

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