Rodeo Uncorked! 2014 is almost here! On Sunday, February 23, 2014, thousands will make their way to Reliant Center to take part in a wine and food extravaganza. Specifically, guests will be able to sample top wines from the Rodeo Uncorked! International Wine Competition and delicious eats during the Best Bites Competition. We enjoyed the event so much last year that we wanted to get a head start. Houston’s best come out to show and prove (the contest is super competitive and quite impressive) so we wanted to see what they had up their sleeves for 2014.

Chef Jonathan Levine, Jonathan’s The Rub

Last year you took home the Popular Choice Award, and we must say it was definitely well earned. Without giving to much away, what are you doing to defend your title this year?  It was very exciting to have won the Popular Choice Award last year and we hope we can do it again this year. This year we’re thinking of showcasing our Lobster Tacos for the competition. In what form or capacity we aren’t sure just yet. We know they’re popular and we want to serve what is popular to the people.

Jonathan’s The Rub offers just about anything your heart desires from burger, to steaks, and pasta. How do you decide what to showcase at the competition? You forgot salad and seafood and chops! Our menu is complex, features many different food options and it also changes. We decide what to showcase at the competition the same way we decide what’s on our menu: What’s popular? What do our customers want to eat? What are the freshest ingredients? Our menu items are chosen based on these questions and answers and that’s how we will also chose our dish for the competition.

Your infamous “rub” is apart of many of the dishes that are prepared in your kitchen. Do you incorporate this into your chosen dish? Yes. A variation of our rub is incorporated into every dish we serve at our restaurant and also included in the dish we will showcase at the rodeo. We use what we like to a call a “magic rub” on our Lobster Tacos and it will definitely be used on our chosen dish, too.

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