After leaving the hair salon, a girls gotta stay swanky, I called my parents as they were in the area having drinks and appetizers. The Rouxpour was a place I had passed by several times but never stopped. Not because I had heard horror stories, but there are so many restaurants in the First Colony Mall area, it hadn’t quite made my list. The Rouxpour, pronounced “rapor”, sits in the busy strip of Town Center in Sugarland. The menu is very New Orleans, but I did not get that feel based on the ambiance. Aside from the brick walls and the series of pictures that lined the wall, it seemed to reflect a more pub feel with a mix of regular and high chairs and a very large bar. The bar seats 40; yep, it’s huge! On the other hand, the outside patios are a nice touch and those do seem to reflect a New Orleans “feel”; unlike the interior. The large folding doors are a great addition too. The crowd is diverse and it draws in a great happy hour. Strangely, when seated, I did not see a I happy hour menu. I don’t want to assume they don’t have one, but the website does not reflect any happy hour specials either.

As I was just dropping in, I did not intend to have a full meal. Drink and appetizers would do that day. Of course, I ordered the house margarita. It was definitely not my favorite, but it wasn’t bad; just your typical margarita. I quickly ordered the Shrimp & Crawfish Fondue which is prepared with herbs and Louisiana seasoning and served with garlic french bread. I am a huge bread girl, so the garlic bread was the first test…and they passed with an A+! It is served with several of their dishes. The fondue was exceptional and just like I love it; creamy and cheesy. My parents ordered the Spinach Madeleine Chargrilled Oysters (fresh shucked oysters chargrilled on the half-shell and topped with creamed spinach, aged Asiago cheese, and chopped smoked bacon and served with french bread). I am not an oyster fan, so I had to take the word of my parents on how goooood they were :-). Apparently, they visit The Rouxpour regularly for these oysters.

It is so funny eating out with my parents as they swear they are die hard foodies and know more about food than I ever would…lol! H.I.L.A.R.I.O.U.S! They start by telling me all the places they have gone (and that I have not) and how they are from the old school. I just love them. I will say that I have learned all there is to know about food from them, including my de-lish cornbread dressing from my mom and bananas foster (thanks Clarence)! In addition to the fondue they said I had to try the New Orleans BBQ Shrimp, which are sautéed in Rouxpour spice-blend and garlic butter and served with garlic french bread for dipping (of course). They were more spicy than flavorful and missed the BBQ taste I thought would be there. The BBQ actually reminded me of a traditional “roux” used in other popular creole dishes like gumbo. Not something I would order again. And last but not least, the Bananas Foster. It was the traditional bananas foster with the exception of being cooked tableside. However, it was great! Overall, the food at Rouxpour is decent. Not true to what I know of New Orleans cuisine, but since you are four hours away, The Rouxpour is worth a visit.

Shanna Jones

Shanna is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food and travel.


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