The old Kress department store building which is at least a century old, and most recently Zula restaurant, has a new look and new occupants. The 8,500 square foot building is the home of downtown’s newest restaurant, live music and special events venue, The Capitol at St. Germain. A few Mondays back I attended a special event that afforded me the perfect opportunity to put my face in the place and see what all the talk and hoopla was all about!

The event hosted by The Capitol at St.Germain was a premiere for E! Entertainment’s cutting-edge new reality show, “Scouted”.  Houston-based Page Parkes of Page Parkes Corporation was one of only four national scouts chosen for the series, which will follow and document the ongoing search for star-quality models and the journey to make it in the industry. So here were my thoughts…new highly rated restaurant and chef, premiere, pretty people, on what had been a manic Monday for me – yes, Urban Swank will definitely be in the building.

My first thoughts after laying eyes on the fabulous architecture and décor in the space were old Hollywood grandeur with a modern twist. So, it played the perfect backdrop for a premiere party. Shortly after entering I was greeted by Executive Chef Kevin Bryant, who asked would I like to select from the menu or have him send some of his favorites over for my dining enjoyment. Now I don’t even need to tell you which option I selected!

Here is what he selected for me: Truffle and Parmesan Chips, Bison Bites, Pork Tacos, Texas Brisket Chili, Crab Cakes, and Ménage A Foie. These were shared bites and all this food could have easily fed four adults. A few of the break out stars were: Bison Bites, Crab Cakes, and Texas Brisket Chili served with a Jalapeno cornbread muffin. It was very easy to see why the King of Country music, Mr. George Strait, hired him as his own personal chef (YES personal chef to Mr.George Strait). If that was not enough food, he also sent out a few of his sweet bites; the Mango sorbet and Crème Brule were my top two for the evening.

After dinner I had the opportunity to talk with Chef Kevin and pick his brain a little. He said he has lots in store for us and will be consistently changing the menu. He is a big believer in the fresh farm to table concept, and gets the freshest foods available. One vision he has for his ever changing menu, is once they start hosting various theme nights with entertainment and live music; his menu will change as well. So, on R&B music night envision having menu items that go with that feel and on Latin music night the same thing; I can taste the wonderful possibilities now.

When asked why he did not mention (to me) his time with George Strait, he very modestly replied, “It was not his night to shine and it was all about his guest” (in this case the premiere and Page Parkes). Well Chef Kevin, that made me like you even more, but I gotta tell you something…your food by far was the biggest star of the night and I can’t wait for more.

Urban Swank received a complimentary media tasting; opinions expressed are our own.

Felice "Swanky Girl" Sloan

Felice is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food, beauty, and fashion.


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