Let us start by saying how much we hate when folks apologize before starting a statement! Yes, we ourselves have been guilty of it at times, but it is not our fault. We charge it to the fact that we are from the south (yes, we are kidding).  You know what we are talking about…statements like, “Sorry, but…”, “Not to be rude, but….” Seriously, put your big girl/boy panties on (DISCLAIMER: we are not insinuating that real men wear panties) and say what you gotta say ALREADY!!! Now that we’ve got that out, we will jump right in without apologizing for our years of not really liking this place for no real justifiable reason.  However, we are loving all the recent changes they are making; starting with their bar menu. Oops, did we kinda do the apology thing on the sneak?!?! Whatever – Urban Swank rule #2…don’t judge us on our own website; please do that on Twitter or Facebook ;-).

We recently visited Sullivan’s for a media preview of the new bar menu. Executive Chef Teli Trikilis has done a fabulous job with his eclectic selections ranging from Blue Cheese Chips to Miniature Lamb Sliders. We were excited about trying many of the selections as they seemed so different from what is typical at a steakhouse bar. Chef Trikilis clearly went in with a vision and goal in mind to prove all the naysayers wrong; and to have the cities food lovers rushing the doors to get great bar food.

Urban Girl’s Fave – Hummus without chickpeas!? In the famous words of the attention starved, Chad Ochocinco, “Child please”. My first bite of the Black-eyed Pea Hummus was casual in nature as I didn’t expect the hummus to have such immense flavor. Yep, I was caught off guard, and in a good way. The hummus was absolutely amazing! Accompanied by a selection of pickled vegetables and crispy flatbread, this bar dish is one for the books. Being accustomed to the texture of typical hummus, I thoroughly enjoyed this creamier alternative. This goes to show that changing one ingredient can completely change the taste of a dish. I am feeling like giving someone a high five right about now!

Swanky Girl’s Fave – The evening winners for me had to be the Sullivan’s Private Label wine and Tuna Tacos; I’ll get to the wine later. Citrus scented tuna tartare, topped with avocado slices, and spicy aioli is a pretty simple dish when you think about it. Once you’ve tasted them you’ll likely agree; yes they are simple, but carry quite a kick with their bold and refreshing flavors.

We Both Love – Another great item was the Wild Mushroom Arugula Flatbread. And boy was it sexy! We do from time to time refer to our food as sexy and this was food porn minus the Instagram! The flatbread, baked to the perfect amount of crispiness, lacked nothing and we are not kidding. The fresh arugula and the truffle oil (you could smell it as it made its way to our table) were the perfect ingredients to accompany this light entree. It was good until the last bite and we enjoyed looking at it just as much as we enjoyed eating it.

Time to wine or wine time – not sure which sounds better! Sullivan’s Private Label wine is a classic meritage blend of 77% Cabernet, 12% Merlot, 9% Cabernet Fran, and 2% Petit Verdot. It is a blend from several regions in the Napa Valley, including Howell Mountain for structure, the cooler climate of Soda Canyon for Aromatics, and various locations on the valley floor for classic Napa Valley Cabernet character. This big and yummy Cabernet was aged 26 months in a mix of new and used French Oak. Additionally, it was bottled unrefined and unfiltered. It seemed that I could not get enough of this fabulous wine. At one point I told my waitress, “No need to keep asking if I want more, just assume the answer is yes and keep filling my glass!” I think it was probably the wines nose of blackberries, plums, and black cherries that won me over.

Sullivan’s, sorry that we’ve been away for so long and promise it will never happen again – and NO, this would not be considered doing the apology statement thing (we think).  You guys get a big fat A+ on the new bar menu!

* Urban Swank did receive a complimentary media tasting at Sullivan’s, however, the opinions are our own.

The Urban Swank Girls


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