We were pretty happy when we got invited to Salé-Sucré French Bistro for their anniversary dinner, because we’ve wanted to check them out for a while now.

Salé-Sucré (Savory – Sweet) French Bistro, Créperie, and Wine Bar, which opened last June, features a menu of classic French dishes and outstanding desserts. Chef Philippe Harel and wife Beline have managed to transform the former White Oak Bakery into a charming and inviting space. They did all the work themselves, and if you ever visited when it was a bakery you’ll have an even greater appreciation of the space today.

Upon entering the restaurant, my eyes took in the captivating artwork prepared by local artists, which hung on the walls. Beline also had the clever idea to have the artist prepare artwork on the table – yes, I now want one of the tables.

Since we have great relationships with the other folks that were attending the dinner that evening, the night would be extra special because we all love sharing our food. Translation…we all get to sample more things from the menu. Most of the dishes we had were pretty tasty, however let me point out a few stand-outs and one that really missed the mark for me.

H O R S D ‘O E U V R E S

Filet De Boeuf Carpaccio (Beef tenderloin, pepper crusted, parmesan and salad)  The beef was nice and lean with a wonderful flavor. I’m a little OCD, so when ordering beef Carpaccio, how thinly-sliced a restaurant is able to get it is graded very high; these folks get an A+++ in this area!

S O U P E S  e t  S A L A D E S

Strawberries Salad (Salad, strawberries, goat cheese, prosciutto, French honey vinaigrette and sesame seeds)  This salad could make me give up meat! I’m not going to, but you get how much I enjoyed it.  The honey vinaigrette was the perfect conductor for the symphony of flavor that the prosciutto, goat cheese, and strawberry created together.


Tornedos Rossini (Beef and foie gras, chutney, accompanied with vegetable and Duchesse potatoes)  This classic French dish is a show shopper – seriously, pan fried beef filet with Foie Gras?!?! You betta ask somebody! 

This is the heart and soul of the restaurant, and if you don’t try anything else on the menu or from my suggestions, you must try the Crepes!  For over 25 years Chef Phillipe has been making French Crépes. His passion for pastry can be seen in his selection of both savory and sweet crépes. They are made fresh daily, and trust me when I say it will be a hard decision selecting one.

C R É P E S  S A L É – ( S a v o r y )

Crêpe aux Crevettes (Sautéed shrimps in a Béchamel sauce with onions, cheese and peppers) – If you love or even just like shrimp this will make your mouth real happy.

C R É P E S  S U C R É E – ( S w e e t )

Crêpe Suzette (Traditional crépe with orange juice, flambé with Grand Marnier) –  The orange juice and orange liqueur have a thing going on and it produced this wonderful crepe. 

Now for the miss…it was the Crêpe White Oak (Strawberries, bananas, ganache chocolate and sliced almonds). It was overwhelming and seemed to be trying too hard. After only one bite, I was over it, so for me this one was a miss.

If you like French food and want a cute new spot make sure to add these guys to your list.


Salé-Sucré French Bistro
2916 White Oak
Houston, Texas 77007
(713) 623-1406


Urban Swank did receive a complimentary tasting, but the opinions expressed are our own.

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