When asked how we enjoy our favorite cut of beef, we here at Urban Swank hold true to the belief that all you need is a little “salt and pepper” – and maybe a dab of butter. We know some of you enjoy your steak sauces and other extras and a lot of that bad learned behavior comes from the need to cover up a mediocre piece of meat. Well, at Sal y Pimienta Kitchen, you no longer have to worry about that. As a matter of fact, owner and restaurateur Gianfranco Percovich and his wife Maria Percovich serve all their accompanying sauces on the side for that very reason – so you can taste their beef “unadulterated”. Two amens to that!

So what should one order when visiting Sal y Pimienta? Their mesquite grilled meats of course given they do butcher their own and they are all grass fed. But in addition to that, you can find many South American dishes including Empanadas Argentinas, Ceviche, Lengua a la Vinagretta, amazing soups, seafood options like their Brochette of Seafood, and let’s not forget about dessert. But the grilled meats are where the heart grows fonder. When we visited, Gianfranco Percovich took care in showcasing his meats and holding each piece oh so delicately as he discussed the aging, method and their choice in butchering. You even have the option to take a seat at the counter and watch the meats being prepared as you gaze along impatiently awaiting. We never knew meat could be so sexy.

Sal y Pimienta really delivers on providing a complete dining experience. From the walls that are reclaimed wood from Pennsylvania, to the black and red leather bound menu jackets, to the beef board that shows off the meats available for the day; everything has been created to entice. Tasting meat here is like attending a wine tasting. Opting for the “Tenderloin Tour” you can enjoy a side-by side adventure which will allow you to partake in the various cuts including wet-aged or dry-aged Akaushi, Waygu, Tomahawk, and even all-organic Uruguay beef.

It should come as no surprise that the dish we enjoyed the most was definitely the beef. We had beef that had come from ranches in Uruguay, Estancia California, and even Texas. I think our favorite for the evening was the Dry-Aged Tomahawk from Niman Ranch. Besides the fact that we LOVE a good Tomahawk steak on most days, the dry-aging takes the favor to another level.

We also enjoyed the other grilled meats that the restaurant offers, which is appropriately called , Parrilla “Sal y Pimienta” on the menu – it includes inside skirt, flank steak, lamb chops, short ribs, chicken breast, Argentinean sausage, blood sausage, and sweet breads. It certainly adds to the mystique of Sal y Pimienta and gives you the feel of dining at a Parrilla in Argentina.

Tip: They offer two private rooms and there is no charge and no minimum! One room seats 10-12 and the other seats 20-25. And during lunch they offer a $21 Prix Fixe Executive Lunch Menu and a new “make your own salad” option.

Sal y Pimienta South American Kitchen (Salt & Pepper)
818 Town & Country Boulevard, Suite #105, Houston, Texas, 77024

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