We really love seafood and are always looking for new spots that are doing great seafood, a new twist on seafood, or making classic seafood that one will never get tired of eating. So, when we were invited to try a new seafood concept restaurant from Chef Alberto Alfonzo we jumped at the opportunity.

Being in the restaurant industry for the last 18 years, owner and chef Alberto Alfonzo knows his stuff and has had a solid career. He has done everything from Operations Manager to being a restaurant start-up consultant. In 2009, Chef Alfonzo followed his dream of always wanting to have his own place and opened his first restaurant, Tintos Spanish Restaurant and Wine Bar. After many successful years of serving the recipes that had been passed down by generations of his family, as well as the latest Spanish food trends, Chef Alfonzo decided to close its doors and create Pesca World Seafood.

Pesca World Seafood pays homage to Alberto’s love of seafood, and is a culinary walk through his life of traveling to the great coastal cities around the Gulf of Mexico, Texas, to Florida, and throughout the Caribbean. Which you will notice in the initial first looks of the menu: Pretzel Crab Cakes – Lump crab/pretzel dust/ mustard cream/roasted pepper coulis, Portuguese Seafood Stew – Clams/squid/shrimp/fish/sofrito/chorizo/pimenton grilled toast, and Fish N Chips – Cod/home fries/house tartar. And now on to the start of our of seafood journey…

His take on shrimp scampi was something special. The Cuban Shrimp Scampi is not what you would expect when compared to the traditional. His approach of meticulously layering plantain, shrimp and micro greens were both pleasingly to the eye and the belly. The mild sweetness from the plantain paired with the bite of garlic from the shrimp topped with a sour cream sauce (creamy in texture with an added punch from the wasabi) created what we call a “happy confusion”. Chef played around with various textures and flavors to create a truly memorable bite. The Portuguese Seafood Stew, which was a combination of well balanced flavors, was prepared in a “stew-like” fashion and easily described as a seafood explosion. The stew combined clams, squid, shrimp, fish, sofrito, and chorizo.

The Blackened Redfish Orleans was classically prepared…lightly blackened and not over seasoned. The crawfish blended well in the dish and did not overpower it as we’ve seen in some restaurants. The ratio of fish to lemon butter cream sauce was perfect; it was not “swimming” in sauce. One miss were the truffled gratin potatoes, which were served with the Cod Chesapeake. We found them to be a bit dry and lacking moisture that would usually come from a cream or cheese ingredient. For the dessert course, we sampled the Quesillo, which can be best characterized as a mixture between flan and cheesecake (in texture). So, this dessert would be a good choice as it captures what is best from both worlds…the creamy texture of the cheesecake and the rich flavor of the flan. It is one of the signature dishes and a must try!

We love food that has a story and Chef Alberto Alfonzo’s dishes are influenced by his own personal travels both growing up as a military kid and as a seafood connoisseur. So if you like seafood and you like to travel, jump in your car and take a trip to Pesca World Seafood. You can get a true international experience and a seafood culinary journey for less than the cost of a plane ticket from Houston to Dallas.

Pesca World Seafood Restaurant
2015 W Gray St, Houston, TX. 77019
(713) 522-1330

Urban Swank did receive a complimentary tasting, but the opinions expressed are our own.

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