In a city as large as Houston, you are bound to come across a hidden gem or two. Some you hear by word of mouth and some you just happen to notice while driving by on the way to your intended destination. Either way, once you’ve found one, you are beyond excited because you know you have found a winner. That is the exact feeling we had when we finally made our way to Jonathan’s The Rub. Located in the heart of the suburbs near Memorial City Mall, you are not going to come across this place unless you have planned a visit. And even then, you can easily pass it up.

The popularity of this suburban eatery was quite evident given the packed house when we visited on an off peak night. Apparently, we were the only ones who had not checked out this place! We were clearly out of the loop and were ready to be brought up to speed…quick, fast, and in a hurry.

Please be advised – the menu at Jonathan’s The Rub is huge! Whatever you want…they have it. If you want seafood, you could order the Chilean Sea Bass; which comes broiled, pan seared, or blackened. If you want a steak, you could order that too. And if you want Italian, you could go for the Pasta Bolognaise. They even offer a Thai Red Seafood Curry and we almost ordered the Jonathan’s Fried Chicken Bacon N Grits, but we are saving that one for our second visit. It was quite overwhelming initially but once we got the feel for the menu and understood the layout, we were ready to go.

After getting our list down to our top 3, we asked the waitress for a recommendation. This helped us make our final choices, starting with the appetizers, and of course, ending with dessert. Here are a few highlights from our visit:

Lobster Sliders – The Lobster sliders are Texas sized scoops of their house-made lobster salad placed upon grilled Hawaiian buns and served open-faced. They are so amazingly delicious we are now left with thoughts of which do we like more, the lobster rolls or sliders, but wait, with Jonathan’s The Rub there’s always more. We can’t forget about the delicious Lobster tacos that also kicks ass and takes names.

Hill Country Chicken & Shrimp – Fried Chicken Breast and Jumbo Shrimp, topped with sautéed jalapeno, peppers, and onions, then garnished with bacon crumbles and topped with a Sriracha aioli. “OMG”, is all we could say when we read it on the menu! Then when it came with a few extra pieces of bacon (what looked like half a pound) and about a cup of Sriracha aioli, all we could think was, “If we die right now, we’re leaving in the best way possible!” So clearly you get there was nothing healthy about this dish. But who the hell cares, sometimes the fact that it’s DAMN GOOD is all that matters. That’s our story and we’re sticking to it!

Creamy Cheese Grits – Some of the best in Houston and that statement probably stretches far beyond our city limits. Perfect in texture, the infused flavor of the sharp cheese and the creaminess of the grits kept this dish true to its name. We could go on and on about this one but how many different ways can you describe the perfect spoonful of cheesy grits? Well, we have two final words – absolute perfection!

That all goes with saying this – whatever you get it will be good and you will have enough to take home to enjoy again which comes right on time for those midnight cravings. We were happy to hear that Jonathan’s The Rub is moving into a much larger space, and not far from their current location. Per MyTable Magazine, the new location will be at Bunker Hill and Gaylord on the ground floor of a mixed-use building. We are sure the residents of the Memorial area will be happy about that (especially area resident, Urban Girl)! This won’t happen in the near future, but look for that move in the summer of 2014. In the meantime, check out this hidden gem and tell them the Urban Swank Girls sent you!

Jonathan’s The Rub
9061 Gaylord Dr Houston, TX. 77024
(713) 465-8200

The Urban Swank Girls

September 16, 2013


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