Name of Truck: Foreign Policy Food Truck

Owner: Ray Rodriguez

Type of Cuisine: A hodgepodge of hearty selections influenced by American, Greek, Korean, and Mexican cuisines resulting in a wild but amazingly satisfying array of mouth watering burgers, tacos and fries.

Places You May Spot the Truck: Clear Lake Shores Food Park, Houston Food Park, and local establishments in downtown, Montrose, and the Heights. (check their Facebook page for daily locations).

Notable Eats: Ever tried to take down a burger enclosed in a massive donut? The Doughnut Burger (a donut bacon cheeseburger) or the Korean Fries graciously topped with kimchi and queso will be a good place to start.

Fun Fact: You can blame his culinary school training in Houston for Ray’s creative take on traditional American favorites like burgers and fries – there is a method to his madness. Another fun fact is Ray was a bartender in the city for years.

Here’s the Skinny: Foreign Policy is offering more fusion than any food truck we have seen before which was their plan all along. So much so that the menu came before anything else! One could not fathom what could be produced by mixing together such flavors and cuisines from across the globe, but he pulls it off very well. And even though the menu is not fancy, the greatness is in the details; like working with a local bakery to have the donuts, bread, and pitas made to their specifications.

Although owner Ray Rodriguez would like to open a brick and mortar one day, he enjoys his ability to interact behind the window of his food truck where it is more “chilaxed and the people are laid back.”

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