What happens when a Fashion Merchandising graduate enters the world of fashion and realizes it is not all she hoped and dreamed? She turns to her first love and decides to bake; and bake she did – can we say Dolce Delights! Yeah, that is kind of the short story that persuaded Candace to share her cakes with the world (that was so unintentional, but well placed). Candace Chang, a Hong Kong native and Baylor University graduate, has had a passion for baking since she was a young.

Her new bakery Dolce Delights mainly focuses on a reduced sugar and vegan mix of desserts. During our tasting we got to try some of her Dome Cakes, Cheesecakes, and Macaroons. The dome cakes were a huge hit with us; not sure if it was because of the natural sweetness and flavor or the layering process of the Dome Cakes. When eaten correctly, which calls for one to go right in the middle of the Dome Cake, you get all the favors of the cake with each bite. Keeping the layers and natural sweetness in mind close your eyes and think…Lemon Basil Blueberry Cake, Rose Mousse Lychee with Almond Sponge Cake, or even White Chocolate Mousse with Strawberry Dark Chocolate Cake – we know right!

As far as location goes, we were surprised to find that Dolce Delights was located directly under a fitness gym. After spending an hour on the treadmill, your first thoughts are not to grab dessert, right? Come on…live a little and have no fear. As Candace states, you can find the “perfect balance of sweetness and healthiness” at Dolce. The days of enjoying a sweet treat and feeling completely awful afterwards are long gone. A majority of the treats at Dolce Delights are under 300 calories. Hey, just plan accordingly. Go for an extra 30 minutes or so and it will all balance out in the end. Dolce Delights proves that dessert does not need to be overpowered with sugar, overly sweet, or full of calories to satisfy your sweet tooth.

Dolce Delights is not just for sweets either. They offer a wide variety of options in addition to their desserts including smoothies, coffee, hot chocolate and various teas. In addition, you will find breakfast and lunch options like their panini’s and breakfast croissants. They are planning to expand to a much larger breakfast menu in the near future. You will find a little surprise (like hidden cherries with brandy) and a lot of love in each one of Candace’s desserts. The creativity and passion she has in her craft shines through. You can see examples of this with her salted caramel, chocolate marshmallow, orange and blackberry macaroons (an Urban Swank fave). So, if you are in the downtown area, drop by and check out Dolce Delights. We are certain your sweet cravings will be tamed and you will be just fine after indulging in a little “non-guilty pleasure”.

Dolce Delights is located at 3201 Louisiana Street Houston, TX 77006.

Urban Swank did receive a complimentary tasting, but the opinions expressed are our own.

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