Dinner Lab is finally here and in full swing! It debuted in Houston about three months ago. Think supper club meets pop-up restaurant, bringing together undiscovered chefs with food loving diners. As they like to say, it gives the number 2’s and 3’s in a major restuarant the opportunity to showcase their talents. They never use a space twice and it’s never in a restaurant (location is not disclosed until 24 hours prior), which adds another level to the wow factor and the experience.

In addition, it is a great way to meet new people as experiences from previous Dinner Lab events are shared well before the first course. The night is well planned and each course is designed to showcase that “something special” from each chef. At Dinner Lab you get a mix of tried and true with a bit of experimentation. This is where the fun starts. The chef for the evening may create dishes that align with their culture and culinary background or they may go rouge and try something new. No matter the angle, what results is a spread fit for a foodie. If you are an adventurous eater and open to try new things with the added anticipation of what the night will bring, then Dinner Lab is perfect for you.

How can you be down with all this culinary bad-assery? Just become a member and you will gain access to their calendar of events. Most of the developed markets have two events a week. And remember, this is a learning playground for the chefs. You as a diner will provide feedback to the chef about each course which helps the chef develop a menu that they can be proud of.

For more information about Dinner Lab and to join, visit their site here. Membership is $125 and you can expect to pay around $60 for your meal (includes gratuity and alcoholic beverages). Here is a photo recap of our September & October dinner with Dinner Lab: 

Photos from the September Dinner Lab were taken by Street Team member Carla Soriano

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