Triniti Restaurant, with a focus on New American cuisine, definitely adds its swank to the tightly coupled row of businesses that make their home on Lower Shepherd. It is the brainchild of Executive Chef/Owner Ryan Hildebrand, Chef de Cuisine Greg Lowry, and Chef Matthew Lovelace who wanted to bring together the happy marriage of savory, sweet, and spirits. From the outside, you will be surprised to find that the place is so inviting. For some reason, we think of a greenhouse each time we visit as the exterior walls are draped in ridged metal. The bar hits you as soon as you enter, but not before you get a glance of the impressive wall of wines. There is a ton of stuff going on inside of Triniti, but it is far from being pretentious or stuffy. The scarce interior walls, the use of lighter woods (tables are blended with darker walnut butcher blocks) and silver tones used throughout the restaurant may be the culprit. They provide a balance that is needed for such a modern and trendy spot. The open concept, exposed kitchen, minimalistic design, and a patio prime for people-watching somehow brings it all into center stage.

Last year we visited for lunch and were wowed not only by all the aesthetic SWAG that hits you upon entrance, but by the delicious lunch menu. Triniti offers an executive lunch and paired with the ambiance that we all wish we could escape to everyday, it is a pretty good deal for $24. This prix fixe lunch offers three courses and you can choose from a selection of options from each category: soup or salad, entree, and dessert. A standout is the Tortilla Soup served with grilled cotija and duck confit relish. We are not sure what we enjoyed more – eating it or looking at our waiter pour and serve the creamy concoction tableside. Three courses would usually be enough for a midday meal, but we did find the portions to be on the small side. However, being the A+ establishment that it is, Triniti has made some modifications and offering larger portions was one area of focus. Don’t you just love when restaurants actually take into consideration the feedback you provide? Proof that taking time to provide feedback can pay off in the end. With that being said, we thought he was THE MAN when we came for lunch, but thought it may be too early to give him that title.

The next time we visited was in December and they had just introduced a new bar and drink menu. Both the menu and the drinks will blow your mind with their level of creativity. This was our first time having dinner and we were kicking ourselves for holding out on Triniti for so long (in regards to dinner). A few faves were the “Beet and Cauliflower Salad”, which was taken to the next level of yumminess with the addition of curried goat cheese. Another fave was the “Devils On Horseback”, which has figs, gorgonzola, candied bacon, and pecan syrup. All we could say repeatedly for the first few bites was, “OMG that’s delicious”. The “Pearly Legal” cocktail with Dripping Springs Vodka, R&W Pear Liqueur, and Cocchi Americano is a must have. Now surely we can give him the title after trying the new bar menu and drinks, right? Well on second thought…maybe we got caught up in his charm and cuteness (#blush). Having enjoyed lunch, dinner and several rounds of cocktails, we are still amazed at what Triniti is able to pull off. Add that to the fact that their core menu changes at least seasonally to be sure they are incorporating the best possible ingredients available at any given time. They are not just serving pretty food here people; even though their attention to detail is astonishing.

We visited Triniti yet again when they hosted a Tailgating party and on this blistering cold night, during football season, Chef Ryan Hildebrand pulled off a gumbo and house made hot pocket that made us forget it was one of the coldest nights of the year. We were impressed, to say the least, but he wasn’t quite ready for his title yet. As luck would have it, we needed a little more convincing (I know we are such girls).

A few weeks before their brunch, “Simply Brunch” as it is so named, was official we joined about 50 others for a media sneak peek, and BAABBBY let us just say, “”. If the Monkey Bread French Toast, served with lavender mascarpone cream, was the prize for running a marathon – count us in! Drum rolls please…Ryan “Freakin'” Hildebrand is officially THE MAN! What sealed the deal? The new brunch menu! Yes, we are serious about our food, but we are some DAMN fools about brunch. He has shown us on different occasions and for many different reasons that he can hold down the fort and deliver; all day, everyday.

Ryan forgive us for taking so long to give you a title that you earned a long time ago. Being the smart ladies we are, you can’t rush greatness :-).

Triniti’s happy hour offers 1/2 off bar bites, $3 texas beers, $5 selected wines by the glass, $5 triniti cocktails and is available Monday – Friday from 4pm – 7pm and all day Sunday. They also offer 20% off all bottled wines on Sundays.
Triniti Restaurant and Bar
2815 South Shepherd
Houston, Texas 77098
phone: 713.527.9090

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