The owners of Sweet Bakery have created another delicious venture in the form of Tout Suite, a truly lovely café and eatery located in up-and-coming EaDo. A black-and-white industrial façade belies a warm, capacious interior space whose dark metal fixtures and bright lightning highlight the bold colors of fare all of which is made from local ingredients.

Posted “rules” at Tout Suite encourage customers to, among other things, talk to strangers, try new things, be “green,” bring friends, and I think most important of all, don’t leave hungry. These prescriptions are all in jest, of course, but along with the large communal tables nevertheless engender a friendly, inclusive vibe even if your goal was just to pound away at your laptop in a corner by your lonesome.

The pistachio croissant, a house original, is one of many pastries suitable for breakfast or a late afternoon snacks. Other whimsical (and healthful) matutinal offerings include the avocado toast, thick-cut wedges of sourdough with a generous schmear of mashed avocado plus honey, and the quinoa with almond milk and seasonal berries. Combine any of the aforementioned with fresh squeezed fruit and vegetable juices or a blue green algae elixir (served in an impossibly cute tiny bottle) and you have a breakfast of champions.

On weekends, more lavish and decadent brunch offerings are available, such as “Vietnamese Steak & Eggs,” strips of juicy flank steak sourced from 44 Farms draped over a baguette stacked with butter, pâté, and two sunny-side up eggs. There’s also “Cereal Crunch French Toast,” which avoids copyright infringement of Cinnamon Toast Crunch by referring to brioche’s crust as that of your “childhood favorite cereal”.

If you adhere to the mantra, “Eat Dessert First,” Tout Suite has definitely got you covered to the point that you can easily fill up totally on sweet stuff. Strawberry cupcakes, peanut butter cake truffles, chocolate napoleons, salted peanut caramel tarts, plus macarons in more than 10-plus varieties (lemon, cookies and cream, pistachio, almond, blueberry, etc.) are among the notable dainty delicious confections. Flavors change with the season, so that pumpkin pot de crème on offer this month may be replaced with something else come November.

Despite all this divine sugary goodness, it’s the savories at Tout Suite that ultimately stole my heart because the sandwiches, salads, and snacks albeit simple in design are executed in such a sophisticated fashion that a weekday lunch transforms into a gourmet meal. See the avocado stuffed with kale and parmesan or the Portobello fries, large pieces of mushroom encased in a thick seasoned batter that are about 1000 times better than any fried ’schrooms you’ll enjoy at a state fair. There’s also a particularly sumptuous steak sandwich loaded with melted provolone cheese, caramelized onions, garlic aioli and served on a pretzel baguette, and a lighter but equally satisfying club sandwich, whose most praiseworthy features are homemade garlic aioli and ample slices of white turkey meat.

Tout Suite is still in the process of recruiting employees, but you wouldn’t know it given the bevy of extremely attentive servers and managers bustling behind the counter and back and forth into the kitchen. Everyone seems so eager to take your order (tout suite!), deliver your food (tout suite!), and ultimately, make your happy (tout suite!).

Tout Suite Cafe
2001 Commerce St
Houston, TX 77002

Joanna O'Leary


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