It is that time of the year again! You know, where we reminiscence on the best cocktails we drank in 2013. Last year, we focused on the “Best Cocktails of 2012” but this year we wanted to have a few of our industry friends share their “most memorable cocktail” of 2013! It didn’t need to be the best thing you experienced this year (because that would be very hard); just the one that remained on the brain several weeks later.

Shanna Jones, Urban Swank

The Cocktail: Blackberry Sidecar
The Location: Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

I called it earlier this year when I visited Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse and the title held true through the remaining months of the year. This was my absolute favorite from 2013. It was a great twist on the classic Sidecar and they get bonus points for the house made brown sugar syrup that takes this cocktail to the next level.

Pheadra Cook, My Table Magazine

The Cocktail: Isolation Drill
The Location: Captain Foxheart’s Bad News Bar and Spirits Lounge

The most memorable cocktail I had in 2013 was the “Isolation Drill” by Aaron Lara at Captain Foxheart’s Bad News Bar and Spirits Lounge. It includes a drinking vinegar made from pale ale. Bragg’s Apple Cider Vinegar is used as the “mother.” The vinegar provides an interesting tang but it’s not so sour as to make you pucker up. I’ve seen health-related articles that extol the virtues of vinegar, but I’ll just have mine as part of this cocktail, thank you very much.

Felice Simmons Sloan, Urban Swank

The Cocktail: Count of Monte Pisco
The Location: Reserve 101 Whiskey Bar and Signature Cocktail Lounge

It’s hard to miss me on cocktails, and I am pretty open to trying anything that falls under this category. One of my most memorable cocktails for 2013 had to Count of Monte Pisco, from Reserve 101 Whiskey Bar and Signature Cocktail Lounge.The softness of the Creme De Violette and the silky texture of the Pisco along with the grape & apple tasting notes work well together. Then they toss in a bit of lemon juice, orange bitters, and eggs whites to complete it. Each time I’ve visited since having this drink, it’s the first and second cocktail I order.

Joanna O’Leary, Urban Swank

The Cocktail: Frozen Blue Margarita
The Location: El Tiempo

El Tiempo’s blue margarita, with its sleek flavor and latent punch, easily rivals that of El Patio. One will make you shine, two will make you sparkle, three and you’ll be a firework.

The Urban Swank GirlsUrban Swank

The Cocktail: Eigtheenth Manhattan
The Location: The Eighteenth Cocktail Bar

The year of 2013 was most definitely the year of the classic cocktail. We love the Manhattan and the fact that it is one of the few cocktail recipes that has remained intact (for the most part) since pre-prohibition says a lot. Our favorite version uses a Rye whiskey, which is the traditional way to go versus using a Bourbon. Add some Sweet vermouth and Angostura Bitters and you have one of the best cocktails ever sipped. Not only is the Eighteenth Manhattan fantastic, but the preparation is pretty amazing in itself; just check out the photo slideshow below.

The Urban Swank Girls


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