The Burger

The Hanging Slider (a Yeast bun, Tillamook Medium Cheddar, Poblano Pepper, and Bacon); only $2.50 per slider

Initial Thoughts:

It’s tiny, All this flavor in a slider?!, Can I have the trio please?

They only have sliders? Clearly, I missed the memo and felt kinda blind sighted and out of the loop. At the same time I felt a little annoyed that I had never tried a Little Bigs “burger”. You remember that guy in the “Wanna get away?” commercial who receives the text an hour or so late and gets pissed at his friends as if he wasn’t included in the initial invitation to begin with! You guessed it…I was that guy. Well, when all was said and done and Swanky Girl and Little Bigs’ manager Eric got me all caught up and up to speed, I was ready to try my very own Little Big.

Little Bigs took the more simplistic approach to their Tillamook Burger Week creation. I can’t really say simplistic with 100% honesty as I don’t know what I should expect from a burger that only spans a few inches. You are not going to see a huge battered onion ring or an oversized piece of romaine lettuce on these freshly-baked yeast rolls. It is a SLIDER by the way! It’s small, bite sized and if you can master the art of “sliding”, you just may be able to swallow one whole. I haven’t measured my mouth recently (but I know its quite small) but I don’t think I will be attempting this anytime soon. This special sandwich, made solely for the purpose of consumption for this week only, is called The Hanging Slider.

A deviation from the original and signature slider, Little Bigs removed the caramelized onions and added a roasted poblano pepper, bacon, and this wonderfully sharp cheddar cheese in its place. Yep! That just about does it for me! If that is not the perfect burger, someone please tell me what is! My first bite into this 3 oz. beef patty, that came sliding into my life, had me at hello. What stood out for me was the flavor of the beef. Their beef is ground fresh daily and they use a special seasoning that you will also see used in dishes at their other restaurants, like Reef. And if the burger didn’t totally have me out done, then the fries would have sealed the deal. I literally had to move the basket of fries out of my line of sight. After a period of time, the fries had gotten cold and I commenced the embarrassing process of digging into the fry stack in the hopes of finding a warm one…it’s sad, I know.

So you can keep from being the guy that received the late text (because he had some cheap or jacked up cell phone service) and get over to Little Bigs and try a slider, or three! When it comes to their sliders, you don’t want to be the last to know.


Urban Swank received a complimentary tasting; opinions expressed are our own.

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