The Burger

(1/2 lb. Akaushi beef with Cinnamon Nutmeg Aioli, Bread and Butter Pickled Braeburn Apples, Arugula, and Tillamook Sharp Cheddar served on a Challah bun) for $10

Initial Thoughts:

Pickled Apples?, YUM!, These guys know burgers!

I am officially on a burger break! After 5 days of stuffing my face with burgers, sucking down fries, and indulging in ice cream shakes, I am DONE! You can take me off the grill, place me on a sesame seed bun, and put mustard on my back…I am DONE! You can cut me up into little tiny pieces, stick a toothpick in me, and serve me with a side of honey barbeque dipping sauce…I am DONE!  I never thought in a million years, I would be completely sick of burgers. You eat burgers for five days and tell me how you feel afterwards. However, this feeling won’t stay for long. I am sure in a week or so, I will be hungry for a fix and take back all of this. Somewhat similar to having a drunk, throwing up kind of night where you vow to NEVER EVER EVER take another sip of alcohol as long as you live. Yeah, that’s about how I feel at this very moment; wasn’t college fun!

Our final day of burger tastings took us to the Burger Guys. I am personally a fan and it is not solely due to the strange names that make ordering your burger so cool. Given the fact that it is one of the few good burgers spots on my side of town (they are not in the loop), I could be a bit biased. The Burger Guys are a crew of creative guys and I was very excited to see what they came up with. They called it the Tillamook Betty. When I initially read the preparation, I will admit I was taken back and didn’t want to think of my burger being violated by anything remotely sweet (aside from the ketchup)…let alone cinnamon and apples! Oh, but have no fear my fellow Houstonians…the Burger Guys have this under control. As a matter of fact, Brandon (from the Burger Guys) swore he had the best burger of the week. We like the confidence, but we will be the judge of that!

Three words…what-a-balance! The pickled bread and butter apples were the highlight of the burger and took center stage. They got way more than the typical 15 minutes of fame. Since they were pickled, they actually took on the role of a pickle in the burger. They were fresh and the pickling process helped maintain the crispiness of the apples and kept them from turning brown. The Tillamook cheddar was ever present and they were not stingy with the slices (really not into people who are stingy with their freakin’ cheese)! In the end, I will say I was surprised that they pulled it off, but I shouldn’t have been. The burgers are always great and seasoned very well and the challah bun is one of my faves. The duck fries are ridiculous (that is a good thing) and would suffice as your last meal on earth. I also tried their Salted Caramel Shake which I will NOT share with anyone, so don’t ask. I don’t care if they do put more than one straw in it…don’t assume dude, they are both for me.


Urban Swank received a complimentary tasting; opinions expressed are our own.

Shanna Jones

Shanna is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food and travel.


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