The Burger

Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Chili Dog Burger – Onion Rings, Sweet Jalapenos, Pickled Onions, Hot Dogs, Chili, and Iceberg lettuce; $13

Their second offering is Tillamook Pepper Jack Pimento Cheese appetizer served with Warm Tortilla Strips; $9

Initial Thoughts:

That’s a big red cock; That is a lot of dip for two people!

Day 4 of Tillamook Burger Week had us tasting another one of Chef Lance Fegen’s creations. This time we visited BRC Gastropub; as their staff likes to say, the first and best of the two restaurants. You know the excitement was all over us after having his first creation on day 2. If you missed out on day 2 click here to catch up.  Once we arrived it was time to get to business and start the Fegen versus Fegen showdown! In true Chef Fegen style he offered up a burger and appetizer and in true Urban Swank style we did a deep dive into both.

The Pepper Jack Pimento Cheese appetizer came out and it was massive. We were not sure if it was really that big or since there were two of us they gave us extra. Since, I love pimento dip, we knew there would not be any problems if we did not finish it; doggie bag please. I must admit that we were only in like, and not LOVE with this one. It was a bit salty for our taste and that extra salt was fighting with the cheese the entire time. Sorry to say the salt kicked the cheeses’ ass this round.  If you are keeping score that is Chef Fegen 1 and Chef Fegen 0. Next up was the Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Chili Dog Burger. This dog came ready to please its master; and please it did! The explosion of favors was present in every bite. We found ourselves trying to figure out what the one ingredient was that pulled this burger together so nicely…yeah good luck with that one! So we finally settled on the fact that it was a damn good burger (you know us women want to make sense of everything).  As good as it was, we still would name his Rodeo Clown Reuben the winner. That makes the final tally Chef Fegen 2 and Chef Fegen 0.

Now I don’t know about you, but in my neck of the woods we call that #WINNING. Chef Fegen you are the MAN BABY! You all still have time to cast your vote in this Fegen versus Fegen showdown, because there are 2 more days left in burger week. Okay there is not a real showdown, but we are the Urban Swank girls and that’s how we roll.

Urban Swank received a complimentary tasting; opinions expressed are our own.

Felice "Swanky Girl" Sloan

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