The Burger

Tillamook Ice House Burger made with Tillamook Pepper Jack Cheese, Beer Battered Pickled Onion Rings and Cornmeal Fried Jalapenos, topped with Beaver’s house-made BBQ sauce, served on locally made TX Toast; cost is $13

Initial Thoughts:

Juicy, Great crunch, More cheese please 🙂

Texas toast has got to be one of the best ways to package a burger! Not only did it keep the multitude of layers together in this monster-sized meal, but it provided a buttery factor that I thoroughly enjoyed. The Tillamook Ice House Burger was prepared with Tillamook Pepper Jack cheese, which honestly was kinda missing in action (or as I say, M.I.A). In a burger of this size, you really need to pile on the cheese. What’s going on with these huge ass burgers anyway? I guess the bigger the better? I’m not 100% sold, but hey, it’s Texas so I will just roll with it. The battered onion rings were fabulous and were most likely the culprit hiding the bite that I was looking for with the pepper jack cheese.

When it comes to burgers, we know it’s all about the beef. In my case, the ground beef was juicy but it did lack flavor. I enjoyed the burger, but I could have used a dash more seasoning. The burger was not difficult to eat and cutting it in half really helped; it is really enough for two people. In addition to the burger, I got the opportunity to try the Beaver Poppers (white cheddar, house-made chorizo stuffed jalapeños served with buttermilk scallion dressing) and the Brownie Balls (deep fried brownie balls served with vanilla gelato). This is a great example of true gluttony at its finest; given that fried jalapeños were one of the included layers in my burger…SMH! That reminds me, the jalapeños lacked kick as well. However, this was no fault of Beaver’s as we know jalapeños are hit and miss. Overall, Beaver’s gets an A for effort with their creation for the Tillamook Burger Week and the side of homemade potato chips made up for any gaps in flavor. I am still trying to get the kitchen’s secret…

So if you are in the area make sure you drop by and try out the Tillamook Ice House Burger. It is only available through Saturday, May 5th. Make sure you ask for Ravinder, whose name means “Lord of the Sun” (how cool is that!); he was awesome and he rocks the Tillamook button oh so well. Let us know what you think and don’t be shy about asking for more cheese;  hopefully I am not the only cheese freak in Houston. If you are not feeling the burger, go for the balls…the deep fried brownie balls that is! Get your mind out of the gutter people 🙂

Urban Swank received a complimentary tasting; opinions expressed are our own.

Shanna Jones

Shanna is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food and travel.


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