On a recent business trip to Sidney, Ohio I got the opportunity to have lunch at a place called, The Spot. I kept hearing that I must dine here if I made it to our office in Ohio or if I was ever visiting Sidney (no disrespect, but not very likely I would just be visiting Sidney, Ohio.. so I had to seize the moment). After all the great feedback and a little research, I was ready to try it out. Here are a few fun facts about The Spot:

The Spot Restaurant made its beginnings from a man named Spot Miller. In 1907, Spot brought his chuckwagon (talk about a man with a vision) into town and set-up business on a corner. The city would not allow him to sell meals this way. His solution was to remove the wheels, and add some awnings to create a permanent structure.The rest as they say is history…Now back to my visit to The Spot.

From the moment I finally set foot in The Spot (the line was outside the building) there was a permanent smile on my face! It was like stepping back in time; I imagined that I’d see Wally or The Bev walking through the doors any moment for lunch (gotta love my Leave It To  Beaver nostalgic moment)! This place has been remodeled 25 times since it was opened in 1907, and the last renovation was in 1976, so just take a minute to get a visual…okay time is up, let’s get to the food. As my turn quickly approached I felt a little pressure trying to decide what I was going to get as my meal, since I was having lunch with my new boss I knew my usual ordering three to four dishes was not an option (I do this so I can try several things off the menu). So, I decided to ask for recommendations from the folks around me. The winners for my lunch selections were a cheeseburger, a bowl of chilli, and a slice of pie (I opted for their world-famous cream pie). All I could manage to say for about 4 bites into my burger and chili was YUM. My food was fresh, hot, and did I say YUMMY (this is not to be confused with yum). Let me not forget to mention the pie; this was easily one of the best tasting pies I’ve ever had so they are in my top five of best pies (I feel a best pies coming).

So, The Spot definitely hit the spot and  lived up to its reputation.

Felice "Swanky Girl" Sloan

Felice is the co-founder and editor of Urban Swank. She focuses on food, beauty, and fashion.


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