Where Did We Go?

State Fare Kitchen & Bar
947 Gessner b190
Houston, TX 77024

What’s The Skinny?

With a portfolio as impressive as Cherry Pie Hospitality, there is no question that Lee Ellis and partner Jim Mills know a thing or two about restaurant concepts. Petite Sweets, a long-time favorite of ours has been our go to for frozen custard and Lee’s Fried Chicken & Donuts delivers with their juicy buttermilk bathed chicken and let’s not forgot about that Blueberry Cake Donut. So it was with zero hesitation that we headed right over to get our hands on the menu that brings together all the things we love and frequently crave. Introducing State Fare, a recently opened restaurant in Memorial Gateway boasting an eclectic menu that we promise will offer something for everyone.

The menu could be easily described as approachable and diverse with a focus on what they are calling Texas food. To help you visualize, think Southern cuisine blended with Creole and Gulf Coastal influences. When a restaurant features over 70 items on their menu, something is bound to be “off”. On the contrary, we sampled pretty much the entire menu and could not find a single thing we wouldn’t order again. Add on to that the beverage program by the one and only Laurie Harvey and you have yourself one of the best restaurants in Houston.

State Fare took over the location previously housed by Pour Society so don’t be surprised to still see the same decor and even a few signs. Lee has got something up his sleeve and is planning to completely redesign the space that will align perfectly with the menu. The restaurant’s already inviting, and spacious vibe will be enhanced to add a bit of spunk that only Mr. Ellis can envision.

Since our first visit we have been back several times even taking friends and family along because we are just that excited about the place. We know you will equally enjoy this new gem, and it will become your reason for venturing outside the loop!

What Did We Love?

Did you catch the part where we said the menu is huge?!?!  Well at this point we can easily say we’ve tried about 80% of the menu, and that goes for the cocktail menu too! With so many things that are truly delightful and well-executed on this labor of love menu that Jim and Lee have created, we’ve decided to walk you through the entire menu and point out some must-haves!

Dill Pickle Dip & BBQ Potato Chips


Dill Pickle Dip served with house-made BBQ potato chips. Chip lovers beware, you will want to keep eating them!

Another Not To Miss Snack – Smoky Chicken Wings (sweet sriracha, blue cheese dressing, BBQ sauce)



Texas “Caviar” Salad with shaved kale, cilantro-lime dressing with bacony deviled eggs, pickled okra & cornbread croutons. This hearty salad hits the spot with its big flavors. The pickled okra plays nicely on the palate with deviled eggs.

Sabine Pass Gumbo


Sabine Pass Gumbo with shrimp, andouille sausage, whole crab & chicken w/long grain rice. This here is the real deal people! It comes with a bottle of gumbo filé so you can season to your personal taste and the right ratio of seafood to sausage and chicken.

Another Not To Miss Bowl – Tortilla Soup (smoked chicken, guajillo chile broth, avocado, tortilla strips & cheese crema)



Grilled Bone-In Ribeye Steak – No words needed here!!! Please stop and refer to the cover photo above. Case closed!

Another Not To Miss Plate – Ray’s Fried Catfish (served with slaw, jalapeno hushpuppies, & hand cut fries).

Gulf Coast Mac n’ Cheese

Mac n’ Cheese

Gulf Coast with shrimp, crabmeat, & andouille sausage. What’s not to love here! This ooey-gooey plate of love can be ordered as a meal or side dish to be shared.



“Big Tex” Grilled Cheese with short rib, gruyere cheese, cheddar cheese & pickled onion. What a regular grilled cheese aspires to be when it grows up.

Another Not To Miss Sandwich – House Made Yellowfin Tuna Salad & State Fare Cheeseburger.

Chili Cheese Fries

Just So You Know

Anything with JIMMY’S “Texas Red” Chili is going to be good! Our personal favorites are the Frito Pie and Chili Cheese Fries.


An Assortment of Cocktails


WOW, it’s really hard to pick just one or two! We have tried all the signature cocktails and love them all for different reasons. So here are the ones we feel will leave you a little surprised.

  • Garden Variety – Thai chili infused vodka, cucumber, lemongrass, ginger
  • State Fare Margarita – Blanco tequila, habanero infused dry curacao, lime, agave nectar
  • Apricot Old Fashioned – Bourbon infused with apricot, orange and angostura bitters, turbinado

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