Where Did We Go?

Prohibition Supperclub & Bar
1008 Prairie Street | Houston, TX 77002

What’s the Skinny?

We recently had the opportunity to enjoy some of the offerings at the new Prohibition Supperclub & Bar, after they moved into their new digs downtown (they were previously located in the Galleria). This not only marks a new beginning for Prohibition, but they are now one of the first authentic supperclub dining experiences in the state!

When you enter the building you are instantly taken to the roaring 20’s (Prohibition Era), minus the seedy speakeasy and illegal happenings, that has been modernized and upgraded to the max. The owners, Anh Mai and Lian Pham are about providing their guest with a unique concept and experience.

Depending on which night you choose, the burlesque shows by The Moonlight Dolls will keep you entertained and wowed. Go on Friday for the Provocateur show or Saturday for the The Moonlight Show. Each show runs approximately one hour and thirty minutes for the dinner and show and tickets will set you back $65 per person ($20 to reserve your seat and $45 for your meal). Opt for a premium seat (a $50 per person seat charge) and get up close and personal or choose a balcony view from the Mezzanine for a $30 per person seat charge.

What Did We Love?

Dinner at Prohibition spans two options – one for the main dining room and one prix fixe menu available exclusively for the theatre. Based on your choice of location for dinner, you’ll have access to one of the two and will find that some items available on one may not be available on the other. The theatre menu is straightforward and boasts three courses and includes a starter salad, a choice of entree (think Shrimp & Grits or Grilled Sirloin Steak) and ends with a dessert. The main dining room menu opens the door to many more options and quite honestly is where the menu truly shines.

Prohibition has a top notch oyster selection that gives way to an experience of both raw and chargrilled – but it doesn’t stop there. From the raw menu, you can choose Gulf or East Coast and the chargilled selections are enough the excite just about any seafood lover – go Oysters Rockefeller, Oysters Bienville, BBQ Oysters, New Orleans, or Singaporean. And we can’t forget about the Chicken Fried Oysters that are nestled on bite-sized Johnny cakes! We told you it was top notch.

And if oysters aren’t your thing, there is plenty more to enjoy. We loved the Duck and Andouille Gumbo with its dark roux, okra, and trinity (or as we call the “holy trinity” that blends onions, bell peppers and celery). The large and almost intimidating “head on” New Orleans BBQ Shrimp were traditionally prepared in that the barbecue flavor was more rich and savory than sweet with its inclusion of worcestershire sauce and butter. The Smoked Fried Chicken served with the usual sides of mashed potatoes and green beans were in true Southern form – crunchy and highly seasoned.

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