Where Did We Go?

Preview Modern Seafood
4645 Texas 6, Unit C, Sugar Land, TX 77478

What’s the Skinny?

We met Chef Jason Liao, the young Austin chef that got his fame as the Sushi Chef for Umi Sushi Bar and Nanami Sushi Bar, back in October of last year. He was just in the beginning stages of birthing his baby. After more then 8 months of labor pains, he finally gave birth to a beautiful new restaurant named Preview Modern Seafood.

It’s all about the seafood in this 38-seat seafood restaurant in Sugar Land and Chef Liao is quick to let everyone know that Preview is NOT a sushi spot! Instead they are focused on bringing and serving the best seafood from Japan and other hot spots around the world. For instance, they are serving Ora King Salmon which is grown in New Zealand. Also note, don’t expect to find sushi rolls on the menu. WHY?…because they are not a sushi restaurant. Got it! Get it! Good! This new concept that he is bringing to the city by way of the suburbs (no that was not a typo, it’s in Sugar Land) is interesting and exciting at the same time. Since Preview’s focus is on seasonal items, the menu will change every couple of weeks. Additionally, the plates are meant to be shared so the portion sizes are smaller. We loved this, because it gave us the opportunity to try lots of things from the menu.

What Did We Love?

The menu is split between “cold” and “hot/barely cooked” dishes and we had favorites from both sides:

Canadian Lobster Bisque w/ Miso: Bisque can be prepared many ways, so we are not here to tell you which way is the best way, but the version Chef Liao is serving at Preview is the preferred way. The bisque was thick, rich and the flavors were almost intimidating, yet you couldn’t stop enjoying it. The creamy texture of the soup along with the crispy and tender lobster bites, made for a well-rounded dish. This dish actually made our list for “The Best Thing We Ate” last month.

“KFT” Kentucky Fried Tahitian Big Eye Tuna: When you blend the flavors of coconut, toasted almonds, Black truffle salt, dill, and peaches, it results in a dish that is beyond its years. This lightly crusted tuna and the roasted peaches were the stars on this plate. The mild flavor and firmness of the Big Eye Tuna (a type of Ahi) was destined to be paired with something sweet and the peaches provided just the right balance.

Japanese Yellowtail Crudo: Almost too beautiful to touch or eat, Chef Liao really showed off his plating skills with this dish. There is nothing more spectacular than pairing the creamy texture of yellowtail with bold flavors. The blueberry gastrique, that decorated the plate alongside the fish, brought vigor to the luscious pieces of fatty heaven that were each easily enjoyed in just one perfect bite.

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