Where Did We Go?

Pappa Charles Barbeque
2012 Rusk Street, Houston, TX 77003

What’s The Skinny?

Barbecue in Texas is a big deal and so is moving from a BBQ trailer at Jackson’s Watering Hole in Montrose to a brick and mortar. That is exactly what owner and pitmaster Wes Jurena did when he opened the doors of Pappa Charlies in East Downtown (EaDo). After an unsuccessful stint at trying to return to the workforce, Wes proved that moving on to what you really love (ie. your passion) can transform an idea into fruition.

In addition to bringing his popular barbecue to a permanent location, Wes is also using 44 Farms exclusively for his beef (who are now in over 100 restaurants across the state of Texas). Pappa Charlies is the first BBQ house that they have partnered with. For those that are not aware, and a full disclosure that we are personal fans, 44 Farms is producing some of the highest quality beef you can find. So when we heard news of this partnership, we knew our expectations would be met and then some.

Now two months in, Wes is moving and shaking things up in his new BBQ joint and ice house and he’s doing just what he was great at doing before – smoking those meats (Pappa Charlies specializes in brisket, pork ribs, pulled pork, and turkey)! Brisket is always a hard one to pull off but when it’s done well, you know it. As Wes states, “You never know when it is going to be good but you know when it is bad.”; and we completely agree. Wes became obsessed with trying to get brisket right and he is known to go outside of the box sometimes venturing into interesting territories using local spices. Whatever he is doing on the pits, we have absolutely no quarrels about it!

We are just keeping our fingers crossed about the steak night that Wes was thinking about hosting (wink, wink).

What Did We Love?

Brisket – The one menu item that most Texas BBQ places are judged on does not disappoint at Pappa Charlies! The delicious peppery brisket was placed on the table and moved passed us as if it was strutting like a peacock. It was so tender and juicy…please and thank you was all we could say!

Turkey – No that’s not a typo! We loved the turkey at this BBQ joint, and once you taste it you will too! It was also very tender and moist with bold flavor. The big bold flavor comes from their signature black pepper rub.

Collard Greens – We love greens. These are a little spicy and cooked perfectly! We hate overcooked greens.

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The Urban Swank Girls

November 14, 2015


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